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Le Figaro knows what is newsworthy...

The possibility of a global shortage of champagne, 'front page' today. Given that an awful lot of Gauls do not seem to have mastered basic economics, it describes the supply / demand equation, and notes that prizes are likely to rise.

As I am sure has been anticipated, blogging is likely to be light for the next few days.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:19 am

I am not allowed to post by Mrs. N but I have sneaked into my brothers kitchen to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all Conservatives and hell and damnation to everyone else

Cheers !!!!!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:36 am

im off to shop )+:
merry christmas to all

My mother had one of the bin laden family in her shop yesterday , beat that!
they were on route to their home in zurich , the bastards  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:33 pm

Merry Christmas all.

I have tried the Argies new attempt at 'Champagne.' It is not bad at alla ctually. the will upset our gallic bretheren.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:51 pm

Merry Christmas one & all. As an alternative to the Gallic, one could try something New World such as the sparkling Pinot Noir from Cloudy Bay in NZ. The label name is Pelorus. It is very good. Alternatively Bisol Prosecco from Italy is another good one.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:22 pm

Oh yes and thanks to my new friends Brook and Stephie. Fine teamwork and interpetive dance that was at times deeply moving.


yuk yuk yuk,  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:54 pm

how much did you drop mr mania?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:59 pm

Mr Hitchens has a good lap dancing anectdote to tell but seeing As Ma C comes here I will keep it to myself , suffice to say It helps if the lady who manages the place also happens to be the daughter of a friend of your mother.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:07 pm

N - it seems a good night was had by all. I hope the food at St John was upto its usual excellent standards. Fergus Henderson is a master and all the more wonderful as he is living with Parkinson's disease. I know the venue of which you speak and I also know Ma C so what goes on tour stays on tour ;-)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:28 pm

I found out this morning that my mother and I have bought each other the same present, the same perfume, that either makes me effeminate or her butch.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:17 pm

Shortage of champagne, my ****! (seasonal restraint). Amazing, n'est-ce pas, that the French, whose understanding of market economics is so flimsy, are still up for the "shortage = price-rise" routine when it comes to their own (eminently substitutable) produce.

Anyone suffering from a local shortage, I offer to arb the market after Xmas.

Cheers to all  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 4:38 pm

Spare a thought for us poor buggers who are toiling away in the Mohammedan lands over the Yule Tide season.
A fine Xmas to one and all. Respect to Ma Croydonian.Mr Newmania, I sympathise. Mrs Istanbul Tory takes a dim view of this blogging business and suspects (wrongly) that I use it as a front for seeking out other females. Admittedly, my defence that I am merely in regular communication with one Guido Fawkes and a 16th century Anglican Archbishop does sound... a bit weak.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:53 pm

Mr istanbul
admit it most of us could get away with three buttons on our PCs
Free music
free porn

Blogger Stan Bull said... 5:11 pm

Mr Hitchens,
Indeed, indeed. Furthermore, I must confess that on my next trip to Blighty, I am planning a research trip to venus table dancing (as recommended by Mr Newmania). I have already visited the web site, which contains a large number of helpful photographs but alas I am unable to identify Brook and Stephie, of whom Mr Newmania spoke so warmly.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:15 pm

no non no mt istambul
far too expensive and not enough fun
I reccomend "Totties" 8 miles outside of manchester in my old hood, the girls will discreetly "give you a hand" there and writhe in your lap , non of that look but dont touch nonsense.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:45 pm

The Capricorn in Russel Square is where I would suggest a gentleman seeking a "full" range of services might go . Or so I `m told....

As Mrs N stands beside me now I I must disagree with PHITCH . My work at the computer is chiefly serous and scholarly. I seek improve myself and you will no doubt have noticed the exponential increase in the erudition of my scholarly remarks. My filing system has the grave elegance of a Norman cathedral and it this spirit of vaulting intellectual adventure I look for .

Likewise I recognise the budgetary implications of recent drinking and unsavoury entertainment attended by myself only to commune with my unenlightened friends. Also that my protestation that I had been drinking all day will not excuse my behaviour at Bros Party .
I am now cognisant of the imaginary nature of the “taking the piss” I wrongly detected and feel my light-hearted allusion to the possibility of “my fist in your face “ has been taken out of the friendly context of bantering merriment in which I made it .

Join my crusade to properly value the contribution of the wife and mother who whose tireless and under appreciated work deserves our praise .

Yours Sincerely

Reformed newmania  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:22 pm

N - do I spy Mrs N's thumb on top of your head?

I would recomend "Sophisticats" in Mayfair for the elegance of the staff. For somewhere similar to PHitch's "totties" may I also mention "Metropolis" in Bethnal Green. I believe the no touch rule is 'waived' in this place.  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 6:32 pm

As Mrs N stands beside me now, I too will join the crusade to properly value the contribution of the wife and mother who whose tireless, etc. Oh Yes.

Well, chaps, "Totties" it is then...but the Capricorn sounds perfectly indecent too. Especially if there is a "waiver". Lap dancing hasn't quite made it to these parts yet. One lives in hope that our Mohammedan friends will see the light.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 7:19 pm

N - I want to borrow your approach in 2007. In 2006 I was far too kindly to Lefties. I've tended to treat them as misguided or hostages to fortune who picked the wrong team. From now on I will label them as evil or simpleton (and if the evils don't mend their ways they become evil). Merry Christmas again - PS I'm in trouble because I showed the gf Mutley's site.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 7:20 pm

Sorry the simpletons don't mend their ways. I've been mixing red and white.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:26 pm

you live in the sin capital of europe
well played sir!
Cheap good looking women , cheap beer and you can own an ak47, you are indeed a wise man.  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 7:34 pm

Mr Hitchens has beaten me to it. Yup, I seem to recall the Gold Finger Night club in Prague with some pleasure. Although I would argue that Budapest is,well, more decadent.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:49 pm

P I would continue with your own style . It allows you to be taken seriously without seeming pompous (not easy).
I think its fun to adopt extreme positions but in front of us lies the very real possibility of Brown Premiership (yes I kno the polls look good now , irrelevant). Perhaps some of us should stop messing around and start getting behind the leader.

Just a thought  

Blogger Praguetory said... 7:54 pm

N - Is C the leader? IT - I can report that goldfingers remains a quality establishment. PHITCH I recall taking a Russian ex there... this could degenerate badly.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 7:55 pm

sorry for being vulgar Ma C,I'm not relly like that.

if my mum found out what I say online she'd give me a right err... ticking off.especially about Dc she thinks he's brill.i hope the illness isn't hereditary

apologies again and best wishes for wINTERVAL

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:57 pm

I am ribbing my hands sat here thinking about some rusiisan anectdotes (+:
cough the job pt (+{
Its christmas and we are all boys together  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:00 pm

shame i didnt spell check
rubbing and russian
get on with it mr pt
btw a friend of the hitch found a nice young lady chum on
makes you wonder where all the fat bitches we have over here come from, apparently a diet of beetroot, potatoes and vodka does the job  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:08 pm

Mr Mortice I am also rethinking my posting policy
No way would I say the stuff I type in front of somebodies mother/wife /daughter unless I knew them very well.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 8:12 pm

Another time PHITCH - I'm getting the hurry up.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 8:14 pm

On reflection, go here http://www.exile.ru/ I don't want to sully C's blog with this type of banter.  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 8:26 pm

C appears to have absented himself ce soir. So PT- let's sully C's blog a little more...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:31 pm

N - Is C the leader?
David Cameron is the Leader of the Conservative Party yes. I have clearly missed something as it is scarcely likely that P is unaware of this quirky detail .Were you making a point P , that he is the “follower “ perhaps ?

All boys together hmmmm, I wouldn`t want this to become an unpleasant place for the fairer sex generally.Still....

oops gotta go !!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:57 pm

No Verity shame .

Hope Chistmas is good for you V,

Best Wishes from far away  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:57 pm

Has anyone read Matthew Parris in Sunday's Times? The man clearly has an aggressive brain tumour. He has done an entire column on how Blair leaves Britain a better, more light-hearted, more confident, more contented country than the one under previous prime ministers.

I mean, is he mad?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:03 am

Crikey, I go away for five minutes and look what happens. Anyway, pleased to see that the regulars kept themselves amused.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:37 am

Verity it is certainly true that the country is not in the state of desperation it was leading up to 1979. There are some worrying signs in the economy but the tax burden and anti business environment have not been as disastrous as was predicted . I read what I thought was a convincing article explaining this in terms of the gearing the housing market afflicts on us all . We are , it suggested , behaving as if incentivised out of fear . Such an incentive will , of course , prevent risk taking and cause the fearful misery that is the true state of the country.

Nonetheless there is a relatively bovine contentment in the air which , I feel , makes it very difficult for David Cameron to adopt other than a pacific rapprochement with the centre. This political quietude gives me an eery sense of something monstrous just flickering at the edge of peripheral vision..

(HP Lovecraft would like it here )  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:07 am

Interesting post, Newmania. Is there really an air of bovine contentment in Britain, given the abridgement of rights and freedoms, the imminence of another terrorist attack and the horrendous terrorist intent of hijacking 10 transatlantic flights to plow into 10 highly populated American cities? And mohammedan aggression in Britain itself, as in their masked "demonstrations"? That is interesting.

I am so glad I got up the will and the energy to go.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:11 am

I fear that 'panem et circenses' are enough to keep most of my compatriots happpily mooing.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:30 am

I am shocked to read that they don't care about their freedoms for which their forefathers died. The loathesome Blair has deliberately weakened the English - that was clearly his dark intent; but how horrifying that they were so easy to weaken.

I am so glad I am one of the 4m who have scarpered since this insane and toxic individual managed to get his grasping hands on the reins of power. As more middle class Brits are accepted for immigration to other countries, that will leave the flotsam and jetsom of Pakistani legal/illegal/imported-to-marry-first-cousin "immigrants" who will produce children who account for 33% of the birth defects in the NHS, illegal Somali criminal garbage, single lifetime welfare mothers who have their first child aged 12 and - the tragedy - OAPs who will fear to leave their homes.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:34 am

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
H. L. Mencken

I refuse to be put on a qausi war footing because of a few loons . The Islamic problem should be tackled through an aggressive integrationist policy in schools that accepts the need for particular measures for a particular problems. By this I mean , of example , keep the catholic schools and lose the Islamic ones.
ID cards , more money wasted on the appalling Met erosion of freedom .

Something interesting though V you may know that a couple if not more of the 7.7 plotters were from close by( I am close to the College and Finsbury Park Mosque). In my unceasing campaign to be in the local paper I have written about this “local” problem that has been extensively reported in the Mail and so on. Uniquely they never print them .

Fear. It works  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:42 am

the tragedy - OAPs who will fear to leave their homes.

That is so very true. The difference between those in Council accommodation from its post war period and those who latterly adopted needy lifestyles to obtain free lodging is very obvious as you walk around . Some of the doors now have inches of metal guarding them. Inches thick I mean.

Yes also on migration . The key word is “net” At the moment everyday 1500 people come here and 500 leave . In London those figures are much more extreme and what has also happened is a “white flight” to country bolt holes. The demographics of the capital are changing at an astonishing pace  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:24 am

Newmania says, "The Islamic problem should be tackled through an aggressive integrationist policy in schools." Personally, being more anarchic, I would say it has to be tackled through an aggressive repatriation policy of people who can never be woven into the thread of our society and will never be contributors.

Obviously, there are a lot of mohammedans who seem to be quite comfortable in Britain - but we should not forget for one instant that the goal of islam is the califate.

Many passive Brits, in their abject ignorance, think the koran is just like the Bible. But the koran mandates aggression against the infidel until the entire world is Dar-es-Islam. This isn't aspirational. They mean it.

Islam is a perversion of the human spirit - which is why, of course, they've never invented anything or discovered anything. (No, the concept of zero and "arabic" numerals came from India, a great country for physicists.)

These individuals will always militate against advanced Western society because we offend their primitive tribal values: women are property, homosexuals must be murdered, it's perfectly OK to behead infidels and video the outrage for your later viewing pleasure while spooning out a tub of Haagen-Daz, you can drive yourself into a blind killing fury about some inane cartoons in a Danish newspaper, you can practice female genital mutilation (wrongly described as "female circumcision" as, obviously, there is no such thing).

Since islam was invented, there has been no co-existence. And there will be none.

There is no "clash of civilisations" because such a clash would take two civilisations.

On an up-note, it will be capitalism and corporations, not governments, who will save the West.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:21 am

Enjoyed that Verity !!I suppose repatriation is an idea with worrying connotations but entre-nous , I have never sen why we should not , at least , prevent , further immigration of people holding views utterly inconmpatible with this country`s culture.  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 8:27 am

The bovine contentment of Blair's Britain is horribly striking' even though 'the government is seen as a shambles' by the majority. Yes, Verity-Matthew Paris seems to have gone off beam but I suspect he's just enraptured by the whole gay marriage agenda. The only positive factor to enter the British political discourse in recent times has been the growing consensus that multiculturalism is a busted flush. And I agree again on the question of repatriation for a hard core of militant Islamists- the "usual suspects"- who have become, and I exaggerate not, a "fifth column" for the Caliphate/national security threat. Perhaps the majority of Muslims could learn to sup from the trough of bovine contentment and ditch the politico-religious baggage. Over time. But co-existence would seem most difficult to attain any time soon.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:54 pm

You know, Stamboul Tory, while I was reading the Parris piece, it came across as a very gay hymn to Tony Blair on whom I have long suspected Parris of having a crush. For all we know, it's reciprocated.

And yes, gay journalists seem to be absolutely driven, and their judgement absolutely clouded, by this whole gay marriage agenda, which makes them, in the long run, unreadable by the 96% of the population (across all cultures) that is not gay. Does anyone read the formerly incisive Andrew Sullivan any more?

Newmania, I don't care whether mass deportation has "worrying connotations" or not. Connotations far more worrying are the creeping islamisations that we see in Britain every day, pushed forward by an aggressive agenda. For example, the school that has secretly been serving 100% halal school lunches for 17 years. For example, the city manager of I cannot remember which city, deciding that in the new cemetary, all graves should face Mecca, because the muslims care so much and Christians don't seem to mind. So, the default position, even in death, was going to be muslim crap.

Fortunately Little Green Footballs ran with the story and got the manager's email address. As you know, LGF is the largest blog in the Western Hemisphere - which probably means it's the largest blog in the world. They get around 100,000 hits A DAY. And readers, including me, sent furious emails. The man who had thought up this lunatic idea wasvery shaken and reversed it immediately, saying he hadn't realised that people care so much. The position graves face in the new cemetary will be the default Christian position.

All this aggressive islam is being used as a tool by the hardline socialists, of course, to weaken British identity and make people feel unsteady on their pins. So an aggressive programme of deportation of socialists, to run parallel with the deportation of around a million islamics would be a dream come true.  

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