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Inventive, if low, criminals department

The Chicago couple who followed UPS vans around in Illinois and Indiana and then stole packages left on doorsteps, amassing "tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including a collector's edition light saber worth about $800, a flat-panel plasma TV, stereo systems, clothing and toys".

Erm, when UPS deliver in these parts, one has to sign for the parcel. Perhaps there is a different approach across the Pond, as leaving high value items on 'doorsteps' strikes me as remarkably foolish.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:58 am

Even UPS, who I don't like for no other reason than their depressing livery, do not leave packages on doorsteps. Someone always has to sign. And today - at least with FedEx - one signs with a special pen directly onto the computer.

I have a feeling (just a feeling, though) that there may be a box to tick, as in: /If No One Home, do you want us to A) take the package back to the UPS facility for the recipient to pick up later, or, B)Leave the package elsewhere on the premises (specify where)/.

Just a guess.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:49 am

By leaving things as if accidentally on my doorstep I have saved myself many trips to the dump.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:26 am

V - Sounds likely, doesn't it? I am forver signing for other people's pacakges, as the courier bods know I'm in most days.

N - Cunning. Shades of the tales of New Yorkers dealing with strikes by rubbish collectors by gift wrapping their rubbish and leaving it in unlocked cars.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:32 am

It's true that you sign for UPS deliveries straight on to a device similar to - and possibly identical with - the one Star Trek personnel used to look for life forms. The plastic 'wand' produces a signature not unlike that of a drunken six-year-old with a faulty Etch-a-Sketch. So, if you know a drunken six-year-old - and I think we all do - you could be in the money this Xmas.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:06 pm

mr mania makes a good point baout junk and london
leave it outside your house and somebody will steal it, i once caught a gentleman in a three piece suit and a turban taking a fridhe i had left on my drive (this was 3 am)
Although i did once leave a broken microwave out , it to got taken, trouble is the bastards brought it back the next day  

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