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"Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness"

Courtesy of Samuel Beckett. News that the National Library of Ireland has forked out for a Beckett archive (not that it is saying anything about how much) sent me off to find a quote a tad more imaginative and apt than yet another Godot reference. Thanks Sam.

One might note that our Hibernian neighbours claim him as Dublin writer, although Paris has a better case, based on length of sojourn, and that much of his writing was in French, including 'Godot'.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:10 am

you broke first (+:

Have had a sneaky look at some blogs today (its an illness) but no posting
Guidos has become a virtual Palestinian / Israeli battle field, but at least no sign of the axe murderer.
Hope you all had a good day with plenty of love and some good presents.


Blogger Croydonian said... 1:14 am

Yup, I did. Well, after a good feed etc, a little light blogging seemed like a good digestif.

I suppose Fawkes deserves some credit for setting a ball rolling that still rolls, but it is wall to wall anonymice, isn't it? Mind you, you were being asked for by name....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:21 am

still up here and wondering whether or not to open another bottle.
Will ,
I have come to the conclusion that they can all go fuck themselves over there , "carry on blowing up/shooting each other and stop boring the rest us with it you twats"
I got a nice coat today and peter kays autobiography, I "sort of" look like him , just less fat and with more expletives  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:33 am

Think I'll carry on making inroads into a bottle of port, and maybe another cigar or two.

Can't say I blame you - looks like amateurs' night yonder. I was discussing Kay with Mr R, and he is one of those comedians that just leaves me cold (along with French, Saunders, Benny Hill, the vilely misogynistic Little Britain pair and loads of others that I'm too tired to remember). He reckons it is a North / South thing re Kay.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:51 am

Oh thank god for that I have already had enough of the family.I have just been in trouble for my views on teachers although Uttoxeter is great. Like Kay really myself and detest SBeckett.

I`ve gotdays ofthis to go and no access to a lap top for some of them

Can`t use this thing though


Iam also a sick puppy !!!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:57 am

mr mania
you are indeed a sick fucker (+:

I spent the day helping out at a sheltered housing "complex"
fucking depresssing  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:58 am

mr mania
also glad to see that you managed to ofend people
( I also hate teachers, most of them are total cunts)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:11 am

Yes .I`ve done that so I can pretend I am nice, to girls mostly. No doubt the PHITCH sincerely loves his fellow man.You should see where I am staying .It is an inbred village with hairlips and repeating faces.The locals have diseases unknown here since civil war period.
For all my genetic and envviromental advantageI was still tarredand feathered at Pop Quizand Triv


Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:18 am

Oh yes teachers . I have plenty to say about that ....another time .

Must be getting my beauty sleep (Not much point if you look like Pter Kay ........)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:14 am

Sounds like the reported Christmasses were, shall we say, 'mixed'. Can't say I'm a big fan myself, although yesterday's version was less fraught than many.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:02 pm

En attendant Godot. Got a copy years ago. Don't know why. Can't speak French. Or read it.  

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