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Brown's first 100 days

A most entertaining evening last night with Newmania, CityUnslicker, Nick Drew and Mr R. Among many topics discussed was the prospect of what Broon might pull as and when he achieves his heart's desire and gains the Lord Protectorate.

Nick suggested that Bronwn will scrap inheritance tax. As an exercise in practical politics, the logic is impeccable: little money is raised from it, the Mail would love it and it would hit Middle England's G-spot like nothing else could hope to. Nick noted that Byers has asked questions about it in his role as one of Blair's glove puppets, with Brown's glove puppet Darling's response focusing on 'unfunded tax cuts' rather than denial. I would be delighted with IHT being done away with, having long regarded it as grossly morally iniquitous.

Further mulling brought forth the idea that Broon would wish to do something to establish his green credentials, with this being something that could be done at little cost. I would imagine that declaring that there will be no entry into the Euro during his incumbency is another dead cert.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:51 am

Thanks to Nick.
That was actually one of the many inciteful things he had to say .In particular the declining role of religion. It all rang very true for me , I have recently read "The Chosen People" which covers similiar ground . WF Deeds in the DT today makes much the same point .

What marvel that man is (WF Deedes), in his nineties and still able to suprise you . Still , in his good humoured way , slipping the verbal knife into the Liberal establishment and Nu lab.

CU , get off this blog and back to work you`ve got benefit scroungers to pay for !!

R Nice to meet you hope things go well.

C Morning (Like the profile )  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:53 am

Deedes is indeed one of this nation's glories.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:07 am

As predicted I still rule the land of IZ (second letter)


(If Verity looked carefully she will notice I stole a phrase of hers ...and not for the first time)

Incidentally whilst preening , V and I have both been picked up from this Blog and printed in the National Press.
V was in the Telegraph on Gas Guzzlers and I was in the Guardian on cash for Peerages.

Someone is watching you C , and I am pretty certain Croydon Council have a look in as well.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:11 am

"Inciteful" - huh ? Actually, that is a great new coinage, I might use it myself.

A good evening, chaps, great to meet y'all.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:12 am

Im glad I couldnt be arsed turning up if all you did was talk politics.
Im more of an obscene anecdote and get pissed sort of chap.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:17 am

And I couldn't help myself - I said 'pungent' in a context other than one referring to a smell.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:24 am

…horribly deformed and alone the misshapen creature painfully typed the words “Couldn`t be arsed “  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:36 am

A very interesting evening out in fine company, enhanced even further at the end by the pure wonderous beauty of nature that is East Croydon train station at 12.15.

Seing the natives dancing and mating rituals was indeed a Chirtmas blessing.

As much as the logic is compelling Broon's cold, stealy heart will not be moved to abolishing IHT. If it is drink son me next time!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:50 am

mr mania i am better looking than you (+:
and have better hair (+:
although you are the one lucky enough to be maried to the saucy mrs mania.

where are you having lunch today?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:01 am

St. Johns Restaurant 25/26 St. Johns Street , near Smithfield . Suckling Pig I think. Gets pretty messy usually ..1.00PM onwards

Slicker ,the architectural roadcrash that is East Croydon shrivels my sould a little more each day

PHITCH would not have fitted.In that quasi monastic quietude only the riffling of arcane references and the murmur of infinitessimal academic distinctions was heard. C actually wore a toga .

Which was nice  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:09 am

C actually wore a toga .
The cunt! (+:

Suckling pig???
Fucking hell that sounds positively medieval, I do hope that at some point in the proceedings some wit will wave their greasy hand in the air and roar "more ale landlord"  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:16 am

A toga? Yeah, right.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:18 am

Nip out the back to check the food is as all organic as they say Newmania.

Can't be sure these days. Another posh place in Notting HIll was fined for misleading its customers this week.

I think ideally you should hear the pig squeal first.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:25 am

The pig sqealing was what ended my budding career in bestiality.( ..I thought oink meant yes m`lud)

What is the similiarity between a pig`s tale and 6.30AM



Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:25 am


Don`t think Chaucer got round to that one  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:33 am

Ah, an anecdote.

Way back lost in the mists of time, an acquaintance was a bus driver, and he said that his fellow drivers divided older passengers into three categories:

Wombles - who travel for the sake of it as it gets them out of the house.

Vegetables - those violating the rule that one must be able to board a bus unaided.

Twirlies - Who stroll onto the bus at 9ish, and wave a pass. Driver says 'you can't use that until 9.30', to which confused traveller replies, 'Ooh, am I too early?', which comes out as 'Ohh, I'm a twirly'.

True story.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:16 pm

how strange most of my anectdotes end with
" and then i was arrested "  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 12:26 pm

in a similar vein,a mate of mine's stories often end with
'and then they cufffed me to the floor in the paddy wagon'

Hitch,is this practice one you've experienced or is it myth and I'm being had?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:31 pm

The Hitch has been arrested 4 times )+:  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:32 pm

let me qualify this
I am not a sex offender , I am not a thief nor do i go about beating people up, and have only been convicted twice.
model citizen really (+:  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:34 pm

And for those who havent seen it today daily mail headline was

Fucking quality (+:  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:36 pm

The nearest I've got to a run-in with the law is having my luggage pulled apart by a French douane who had examined a penknife of mine and declared "ah smell 'asheesh". Fortunately I was not subjected to a cavity search.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:38 pm

If we are doing headlines, I rather like 'Colette - grand old lady of French letters' and 'Steps to help hill farmers urged'. A friend swears blind that the Aberdeen daily headlined the Titanic disaster with 'North East man lost at sea'.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:46 pm

my all all time favourite was in guns&ammo magazine (really)

" we regret to announce the death of survival expert mel tappan"

Who said the yanks cant do irony????  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:52 pm

he used to write a monthly column advising readers (of guns&ammo) on how to survive to coming crisis when society and civilisation as we know it implodes , well that was before his untimely death 26 years ago.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:56 pm

I do love a good obit, and the 'graf's obits are masterful. Good piece in the Observer on Telegraph obits from a while back, which I strongly recommend, as do I the Telegraph obit collections.

Here's a taster: 'The Third Lord Moynihan, who has died in Manila, aged 55, provided, through his character and career, ample ammunition for critics of the hereditary principle. His chief occupations were bongo-drummer, confidence trickster, brothel-keeper, drug-smuggler and police informer...'

And the 'codes': "Thus we have one dissolute old lord, widely acknowledged to be a borderline rapist, described, in homage to one of Massingberd's finest confections, as an 'uncompromisingly direct ladies' man'. The codes, to those who love their obits these days, are fairly well known. 'His door was always open' - lush (or, to finesse it, 'his door was always open, at any time of the day or night' - lush, with an eye for the students). 'Tireless raconteur' - bore. 'Vivacious' - drunk. 'He tended to become over-attached to certain ideas and theories' - fascist. 'Gave colourful accounts of his exploits' - liar. 'She did not suffer fools gladly' - foul-tempered shrew. 'Fun-loving bachelor with many male acquaintances' - serial cottager (or, as we might say in obit-speak, possessed of unusually detailed information on aspects of location, opening hours and popularity as they related to the British public lavatorial system).  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:01 pm

PH - speaking of survivalists etc, all hail Libertarian Stan Jones who turned blue from consuming colloidal silver ahead of the Y2K 'apocalypse'...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:45 pm

The DT does give a good obit
my fav ending is always
"He never married"

On the sub of colloidal silver I have seen quite a few black folk who have onbiously partaken, they turn grey.
Silver is a good for killing bacteria, that being the reason people used to drink from silver tankards, probably as Mt Mania is doing right now as he devours a pig  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:52 pm

Brown's not going to have a First 100 Days because he is never going to be PM.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:03 pm

verity its is a nice thought
the thought of brown wailing and gnashing his teeth thwarted at the last moment. (+:  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:06 pm

That's what I want for Christmas - to see the look on the face of a thwarted Brown. Should it happen I will reconsider a lifetime's atheism/agnosticism.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:12 pm

Newmania - Do not plagiarise me without attribution, there's a good chap. I do not say this in a good natured way.

Plagiarism is stealing other people's work.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:28 pm

Verity - we are not at odds on this, my suggestion relates to what is in Gordo's plan (deluded) for his 1st 100 days.

Agree that there is every chance Brown will be thwarted, if Yates holds off long enough to allow the Blair war-party to complete their mission of malice (cf Macmillan / Butler).

Since I seem to be dragging my doggerel over here these days ... we know a little song about Tony's gang and & Gordon's gang, don't we children?

has always got Ed Balls
she doesn't count at all
his blow-up dolly
is on her knees when he pleases to call

has always got Ed balls
has Alistair on call
is always handy
and Alan Milburn will still turn and crawl  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:21 am

Nick Drew: "Verity - we are not at odds on this, my suggestion relates to what is in Gordo's plan (deluded) for his 1st 100 days."

I don't care, because we are at odds regarding something more important - our assessment of your wit. "Since I seem to be dragging my doggerel over here these days ... we know a little song about Tony's gang and & Gordon's gang, don't we children?"


Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:50 am

Verity- Nick is a Soldier who quotes Wittgenstein.It isn`t possible not to like such a person.  

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