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Scousers whingeing? Whatever next?

Showing the mature, considered and rational approach for which the city's commissars are renowned, the head of the Liverpool regeneration project has had a good old moan about Google Earth not updating every five minutes, and therefore sundry changes in the cityscape are not showing up. Clearly a plot on the part of the google bods.

And they wonder why the rest of the country sniggers at them.

Meanwhile, The Register has a photo of a stealth train emerging from Waterloo:

I expect the Eurostar press office is already deluging inboxes with an e-mailed rebuttal/denial/excuse.
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Blogger The Hitch said... 6:31 pm

Liverpool is actually a fine city, wonderful squares as good as any you can find in London, its own China Town, the Mersey.
And the people, being Irish, are usually good company if you know how to take them.
Although a lot of the women have buck teeth.
I used to have an office in canning place overlooking the Albert docks.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:36 pm

Cherie Blair's a Scouser, which kind of ruins the ambience of that fine city.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 6:40 pm

Yes I have to admit that would ruin the reputaion of any city
God I hate that woman  

Blogger Praguetory said... 11:31 pm

It has to be said there are a disproportionate amount of tealeaves in Liverpool - possibly linked, I believe that it's also the hardest place in the country to get a guilty verdict in court.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 11:33 pm

Off-topic but PH you must have the most profile views of any non-blogger. Do you check the running total often?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:09 am

PH - Yes, she's already ruined London. Fortunately, the top judges in Kuala Lumpur were more alert and wouldn't let her open her mouth in a public court. In fact, they ordered her removed from the barristers' table and told her to go and sit in the public gallery. Most entertaining. But I fear Liverpool put up with her long enough to become tainted.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:09 am

I used to work for a company based in Liverpool . (Griffiths and Armour ..it runs the ACE PI scheme ...dull I know ). The scousers were Northern snobs that were if possible even more vile than the maudlin emoting plebs. Molly Sugden but with a Cheshire slant.

I place the heart of ther evil in the Irish influence  

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