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Loading up a shipment for Botany Bay - a challenge for the readership

Peter Martinovich, a Facebook friend, posted a link with the happy news that Ben Elton is decamping to Australia.  For which a grateful nation gives thanks, and the good people of Fremantle rend the air with lamentations.

Anyway, some way into the thread I added this:

"Maybe this is a sign of rats deserting a soon to be rising ship? I'm sure there are plenty of folk he could take with him".

Peter suggested Polly Toynbee, and rather than spoiling the fun I am going to let anyone else who fancies wade in before I bag all the low hanging fruit.  Apart from that four letter fellow Jamie Oliver.

(Botany Bay is metaphorical rather than literal, and I would not wish these people on our Australian friends).  


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Blogger Pavlov's Cat said... 4:36 pm

If I had my druthers you'd have to have something like the 'Berlin Airlift' going on at Heathrow, with a plane leaving every couple of minutes.

Start with the current 646 and their familys, Liam Donaldson, The Moon Bat, AntnDec, every member of Ash, every member of Alcohol Concern,Any UK MEP, Simon Cowl, Anyone working for or who has worked for Endemol. Jeremy Guscott, all Govt appointed peers, the ACPO

I'll stop and give someone else a chance  

Blogger Pavlov's Cat said... 4:42 pm

Oh how terrible I just realised The Blairs are not covered in that list.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 8:20 pm

Pavlov - why Jerry Guscott?

Can we send a plane with mandleson - oh and another one for his ego  

Blogger Karswell said... 8:53 pm

What about Patricia Hewitt? I know she hasn't been about for a while but that threat is still a shadow over my children's lives.  

Blogger JuliaM said... 11:04 pm

I'd send Monbiot.

On second thoughts, maybe Bono. Don't bother with a plane or ship, I'm sure he could walk there...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:01 am

Ggod stuff people. Keeep 'em coming.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:23 am

such is my pleasure at hearing the Ben Elton news, I am momentarily stunned


all right then

Kevin Maguire; Kirsty Wark; Peter Bazalgette (am with Pavlov's Cat on this one); Hugh Muir; Phil Woolas; Ben Bradshaw (he'll enjoy Oz); ...

(Jack Straw's fate is to be altogether less benign)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:31 am

It would be remiss of me not to recycle some unknown individual's witticism that Peter Bazalgette has inverted his ancestor's achievement of piping sewage /away/ from people's homes.....  

Blogger Pavlov's Cat said... 12:01 pm

Have we got room left for the Kinnocks.

Anybody who once said they were going to leave but didn't (I'm looking at you Paul Daniels)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:31 pm

Add anyone who attended Tony Blair's "Cool Britannia" gatherings at 10 Downing Street once Labour were elected.

So long then, Noel....  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 3:49 pm

Pat Hewitt is Australian isn't she? Daughter of Australian politician or civil servant or something. Still, it would be nice to turn the tide and send lots of people home -
Brown, Darling and 40 odd troughers sitting for Scottish seats; Peter Hain back to South Africa; bye bye Welsh mps...  

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