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UN follies, part 357

From the UN press room:

"Presenting Denmark’s seventh periodic report to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, Vibeke Abel underlined the country’s commitment to fully implement the Convention. Towards that goal, Denmark’s Act on gender equality was continuously being revised -- most recently, in May. The Minister of Gender Equality had also been transferred to the Ministry of Employment to provide a good opportunity to work harder on issues like the gender pay gap and a gender segregated labour market".

Much quizzing from the likes of reps from France, Finland and Slovenia. Fair enough.

However, note this question:

Zohra Rasekh [expert from ...] asked about legislation regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. Also, did Greenland have specific laws against trafficking?

And from which country on the bleeding edge of women's rights does Zohra hail from? Norway? NZ? Canada?

No - Afghanistan. Motes and beams come to mind.

I am NOT making this up.

Meanwhile, some people just do not bother with their homework:

Ms. Belmihoub-Zerdani, expert from Algeria, asked why the numbers for representation from Greenland and the Faroe Island were the way they were and why those representatives could not sit in the European Parliament. Was that due to discrimination on the part of the European Parliament?

Ms. Abel said that the Faroe Islands had two seats in the Danish Parliament. To be a member of the European Parliament, a country had to be a part of the European Union, and Greenland had voted not to join.


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Blogger JuliaM said... 4:23 pm

"No - Afghanistan. Motes and beams come to mind."

I would say 'Now, there's chutzpah!', but probably best not to...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:25 pm

That fine word was in the first draft....

Anyway, carbon-datable jokes dept:

Q: What's the definition of chutzpah?

A: A boy who kills his parents and then begs the court for mercy - because he's an orphan.  

Blogger James Higham said... 6:11 pm

As we'll hopefully vote to opt out.  

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