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Number crunching tobacco tax revenue

From Lords Hansard:

Lord Laird To ask Her Majesty's Government how much they raised in tobacco-related taxes in 2006—07.

The Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury (Lord Myners): Total tobacco duty received by the Exchequer in 2006-07 was £8,149 million and is published in the National Statistics Tobacco bulletin available (here).

So, £8.1 billion, or a rounded 1.4% of total central government spending. What does that pay for?

Operating costs of the Royal Navy, which I am not going to forego the opportunity to call the Senior Service - £7.6bn. I'm struggling to come up with other suitable puns for other areas of spending, which is a shame.

Or operating costs of the RAF - £7.6bn

Or Policing - £6.7bn plus most of border control - £1.46bn

Or DEFRA and the F&CO (Including Consulates, Embassies and Viceroys...) with £1.1bn left over.

Or Maternity, A&E, Learning difficulties and 'other', whatever that is. With £0.8bn left to spend elsewhere. Looking at ASH's doubtless exagerrated estimates of the cost of smoking related conditions to the NHS, we smokers, snuff takers etc pay for that three times over.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 1:49 pm

I sense a new marketing campaign coming up:

Benson & Hedges, keeping the streets safe at night.

Rothmans, your friends on the high seas.

Hamlet, because accidents do happen.  

Blogger Mark Wadsworth said... 3:34 pm

It's £8 billion and then some - don't forget the VAT and the PAYE/corporation tax that tobacco companies and retailers pay as well, so a conservative estimate it more like £12 billion, or possibly £16, to which you can add £12 billion for old-age pensions foregone due to earlier deaths.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:41 pm

BE - Like it. Shame we no longer have commercial freedom of speech for the tobacco companies.

Mark - Good points, thank you.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:07 pm


You may be interested in this which I wrote last week.

Since a high proprotions of cigarettes smoked in the UK are from American tobbacco - the US have come up with a nifty way to double the tax they raise.

Not spamming you for no reason, I promise!


Blogger Croydonian said... 4:23 pm

Anna - On topic links from friends, confederates and the like are more than welcome. It is an intriguing tale, and well worth clicking through to. Much nodding at your analysis of the news too.  

Anonymous Player's Please said... 4:41 pm

£8 bill? Is that all?

That's just passing clouds.  

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