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Great political insults of our time

Enough of domestic to-ings and fro-ings, back to the more pressing issue of what is going on in Pyongyang.

Insults involving missing or impaired functions of the human body are common enough (and we are not going to stray south of the waist) - heartless, gutless, blind, deaf etc etc, but my old sparring partners in Pyongyang have been thumbing through Gray's Anatomy and have come up with an absolute corker:

Having scraped a C at O level Biology a lawwwnnng time ago, I have made recourse to check on what the gallbladder does (it stores gall / bile. Roughly what I thought), and one might note that as the gallbladder is considered a non-vital organ, so the insult is of the measure of referring to 'traitors missing appendices', I suppose.

And for why have these traitors been slammed?

"Mandarins of the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade” of south Korea, when meeting an official of the U.S. administration on a recent visit to it, talked nonsense that “north’s repeated steps are throwing hurdles in the way of the six-party talks” and “the north Korea-U.S. dialogue is not taking place due to the former”, zealously supporting their American master. They also blustered that “the north will have to pay a due price in case it conducts a nuclear test.”

Given how we refer to folk having 'gall', the DPRK's usage is a fairly neat inversion.

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Anonymous Charles Crawford said... 4:50 pm

Thank goodness you are keeping up with Pyongyang utterances.

I have tried to do my bit now and then. But it is a Big Job: http://charlescrawford.biz/blog.php?single=969



Blogger Croydonian said... 5:01 pm

Charles, it is a pleasure, but I frequently have to hold myself back as not all of my regulars enjoy quite such frequent doses of the Pyongyang follies.  

Blogger ScotsToryB said... 7:01 pm

Charles reminds me of a Diplomat in a certain African country whenst my current joie de vivre had all her monies, passport and related items stolen.

He informed us that the quickest and easiest way to transfer money to anywhere in the world was to have a relative take a sum of money into any UK police station and tell them to transfer it to the Foreign Office to be forwarded to 'John Galt @ Foreign

Outpost.com/telegraph/bush pigeon/kanga'(named related in said outpost)(compulsory).

He then said that that was the reason he was in said outpost but he loved his job.
I got my money, in a mix of local notes and Sterling within three days.

Note and apply the next time Graham Greene in Haiti says 'Our computer says no'.


p.s. may the intelligent take over within my lifetime 'cos I'm getting bored with this.  

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