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Tony Blair supplies 'pogi points'

Mr Tony is sojourning in Manila at the mo', and it would appear that the leadership of the Philippines thinks it has a job for him:

"President Gloria Arroyo on Monday sought the advice of Britain’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair on bringing peace to southern Philippines after decades of separatist bloodshed there. The pair discussed the problems in Mindanao, where a violent Muslim insurgency has raged for 30 years, over lunch at the presidential palace"....“The President is confident Tony Blair, with all his experience, can contribute a lot to resolving our peace and order problems in Mindanao,” deputy spokesman Lorelei Fajardo told reporters".

However, opposition Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero is not impressed:

"Tony Blair is just good for public relation or pogi points of the Malacañang”.

Pogi points looks to be the Pinoy term for brownie points (Yes, I had to look it up) and the Malacañang is the equivalent of the White House. Anyway, the Senator would appear to be a perceptive fellow, and is part of a coalition grouping in Manila called 'Genuine Opposition'. One trusts it does what it says on the tin.

Readers of my Methuselah-like vintage will recall that 'chiz' appears in the Molesworth books as a word for 'swiz, swindle'. Thus there is mild amusement to be had from the Senator's website masthead:

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Blogger ScotsToryB said... 6:52 pm

As I recall Methuselah was in the year below (or above?: was I going upstairs or downstairs? Never mind, pretty girls in the talking lantern, what?)

Sama sama nating ipaglaban,
Kung ona ang taba at labanan...

If I sent that to Elton, signed 'Bernie xx' d'ye think it may be a hit?


Blogger Croydonian said... 6:58 pm

Maybe I was overstating my vintage a tad. I am an exact contemporary of one Mike Tyson, for what that's worth.

Tagalog does look rather curious written down, although no odder than Finnish. Sounds more Bay City Rollers than EJ to me.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 8:57 pm

yes and you have a left uppercut not unlike Mr Tyson's, too

and it doesn't end there, I'm told ...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:00 pm

Ahem, to quote someone rather unsavoury, 'I'm a lover, not a fighter'.  

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