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Soundbite o' the day

Clearly the Peter Mandelson of the DPRK has been feeling inspired, as he came up with this snappy little number:

"Glorify this year of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK as a year of historical turn which will go down in the history of the country!"

Mind you, in the best U2 tradition, this is the country where the villages have no names:

"The first commuter students were no more than eight. A school train for them came into being and a new railway station was built in a nameless mountainous village at the foot of Pujon Pass, producing a legend of love

Elsewhere, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Ill would appear to be still more prolific than Barbara Cartland (but we already new that):

Over 2,000 more works of President Kim Il Sung and General Secretary Kim Jong Il have been displayed at the Exhibition of Works on the Juche Idea for the past decade after it was opened to public on Dec. 21, Juche 87... Among them are...."Complete Collection of Kim Il Sung's Works" and the "Selected Works of Kim Jong Il" "The shopping lists of Kim Il Sung", "The notes to the milkman of Kim Il Sung" and "the sicknotes of Kim Jong Il" and collections of works "On the Revolutionary Traditions of Juche," "On the Juche Philosophy" and "On the Juche-oriented Literature and Art."

And luckily for them, "The exhibition has been visited by more than 2.3 million servicepersons and working people of different strata from over 26,000 organizations in the DPRK".


"Pak Hyon Suk and Hong Un Jong bagged gold medals respectively in the 63kg category of the weightlifting competition and in the vaulting horse contest of women's gymnastics at the 29th Olympic Games held in China....The laudable achievements made in the sports field this year are brilliant fruits borne by the firm will of athletes to demonstrate the dignity and stamina of Songun Korea to the whole world."

Whisper it low, but the Republic of Korea won 13 gold medals....


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Anonymous Dave H. said... 4:22 pm

This is probably old hat to you, but if I had a country called Korea and wanted a name that better described its constitution and government, and it was a one-party system without elections, ruled by an absolute leader that inherited power from his father, I think I would be fine with the 'K'in DPRK.

Otherwise it would have to be the Totalitarian Dictatorship's Monarchy of Korea.

Kim Jnr. may have certain God-like qualitites but, a bit like Julius Caeser, these didn't prevent him from going bald and trying to hide it with a silly haircut.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:51 pm

Dave - yup, I make you right there.  

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