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Can't they just leave him be?

I imagine most folk would agree that the average 95 year old is entitled to a quiet retirement and should not be wheeled out like some church relic for high days and holy days. Not, however, Jack Jones. Those like me who have long memories or were political obsessives when they should have been playing hide and seek will recall him as the leader of the T&G during its 'glory' days. A mini biog is available at the T&G site.

Anyway, 'Living legend of the trade union movement' (Amicus's press release) or 'Living hero of the trade union movement' (T&G's press release) is being dragged off to Cowley to gee up union members at the Mini factory.

Is this a bit of a cruel and unusual punishment for the chap, or am I sliding into liberalism in my declining years?


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Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:40 am

well Brown and his merry persons are doing their best to recast the whole country as a 1979 theme park

Arthur Scargill has made a 1-man picket of the Kingsnorth anti-coal protesters

Denis Healy, Michael Foot and Tony Benn are itching to rejoin the fray

Lenin is in an excellent state of preservation, I'm told

all we need now is high oil prices, some inflation, and Russia to invade some unsuspecting neighbour

oh ...  

Blogger Obnoxio The Clown said... 11:52 am

Let the bastard suffer. I hope he's proud of the achievements of a decades of union involvement in the mighty British car industry.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 12:15 pm

by definition, there are no average 95 year olds. All are well ahead on the bell curve of survivability.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:57 pm

Nick - and no escape from Abba...

Obo - Good point.

CU - Well, average as opposed to war criminal, mass murderer etc.  

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