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Politics and popular culture collide

From Italian news agency ANSA:

"A CD of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi singing Neapolitan love songs may not come out in time for Christmas unless he takes a break from politics to focus on his musical career, his song-writing partner warned Friday. Neapolitan folk musician Mariano Apicella said he and Berlusconi were currently working on their fourth CD together, but bemoaned the premier's work commitments...The relationship soon blossomed and two years later the pair released their first album, ''Meglio Una Canzone'' (Better A Song), which sold about 45,000 copies - just 5,000 short of the number needed for a Golden Disc".

Reading this, I have started to mull on the possibilities of other pols going into the studio to cut some wax - an awful lot of them would do a great deal less damage if they sang rather than governed.

So, I want some suggestions for genres for sundry politicians to work in, and possible collaborations.

I suggest the Dour One should raid Kraftwerk's back catalogue, or perhaps appear with them on stage to make them appear more human and vulnerable. "We are the robots" indeed.

Further, I could imagine Mugabe might try his hand at being one of those rappers who goes on and on about his vast wealth and his stable of 'hoes' etc.

Maybe Ahmedinejad would like a crack at 'Fiddler on the Roof'. Vladimir Putin, naturally, must have 'Georgia on [his] Mind'.

Over to you.

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Blogger John East said... 9:29 am

Alistair Darling, "The man who broke the bank..."

Gordon Brown, "Stand by me"

Miliband, "Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes"  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 1:29 pm

careful Mr C, I may provide words as well as song-titles  

Anonymous nomad said... 6:38 am

The entire British populace singing in sweet harmony to Gordon Brown:

All of me, why not take all of me....  

Blogger Letters From A Tory said... 7:48 am

Gordon Brown, "Yesterday".

(all his troubles seemed so far away, now he needs a place to hide away)  

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