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Pitiful. Absolutely pitiful

Imagine you are a hopeless Prime Minister, attracting 'plaudits' as the worst PM since the war, assailed by the press and with the payroll vote in near open rebellion. What is the eye-catching initiative that is stone-cold certain to turn round the supertanker?

"Gordon Brown will attempt to reinvigorate his leadership with a special cabinet meeting held outside London".

It is the unfortunate people of the West Midlands who will be subjected to this plague, and luckily for them, there is more:

"Ministers will also be taking part in a series of other events in the region on the day where they will have an opportunity to "engage" with the public".

Expect 'the public' to be carefully positioned members of the Labour party, and any site visits to be to Potemkin schools 'n' 'ospitals. I am particularly hoping that Brown will decide to inflict homilies concerning prudent energy use, saving the planet etc shortly before they are all choppered back to the bunker.

Doubtless all the fruit and veg stalls for miles around will be denuded by Brummies seeking to engage with the prime ministerial equivalent of Eddie the Eagle.

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Anonymous David Allen said... 4:39 pm

Agreed. This has all the makings of another own goal/ disaster for Gordo. But, as a one-time mediaevalist, I am rather taken with the idea of peripatetic 'courts'. I once argued for my local council (Haringey)to sell off its 'Civic Centre' and convene each full council meeting in a different school hall in the borough. It might save a few bob, keep 'em humble, and encourage a few more members of the public to turn up....  

Blogger Bill Quango MP said... 4:53 pm

I was once in charge of a department that had had its budget cut to zero.
We came up with crap like this too.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 6:51 pm

I hope they have eggs and tomatoes in Brum.  

Blogger Tuscan Tony said... 7:58 am

Should the bounder attempt to "engage" with his cabinet colleagues on my terrace, the Tuscan will in turn engage his size 11 python skin cowboy boot with the flaming eedjit's ample posterior, with such force that said shoe will become a permanent fixture in his trews.  

Anonymous a passing libertarian said... 8:49 am

... laughed mightily at the analogy re Eddie the Eagle - but then remembered that although hapless, he was also endearing in that particularly shambling English way - unlike our PM, who is just - hapless. And far from endearing... Although - if Gordon continues on his inexorable fall to plumb even greater depths of incompetence and derision we may suddenly start feeling sorry for him. Underdog and all that... On second thought - strike that, it's Gordon we're talking about...  

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