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Great junketeers of our time

How many politicians, civil servants and other named hangers on *needed* to go to New York to address the UN's 'Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women'?

Go on, have a guess. A taxi full, maybe? Minister, plus spear carrier and a secretary? Nope.

Thirty, according to the figure quoted by the UN, but totting up the names listed, I make it 41.

And presumably they all needed spear carriers, bag carriers, SPaDs, PA's and sundry other flunkies. Let's call it a round 100.

These include the following, names removed to protect the guilty:

Head of Diversity Policy, Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Team Leader: Gender and Mainstreaming, Scottish Government
Director, Policing and Security, Northern Ireland Office
Child Maintenance Legislation Division, Department for Work and Pensions
Deputy Director, Department for Children, Schools and Families

And having got to the podium, what did Ms 'Colour Me Beautiful' have to say for herself?:

"Women were not a homogenous group, she said".

"The United Kingdom had always championed gender equality in public policy and in representation at democratic institutions, she said". Absolutely, Lord North, both Pitts and Robert Peel refused to let the loss of the American colonies, the Peninsular War or the Corn Laws distract from that policy.

This sentence could have been expressed better:

"The United Kingdom had recently published a “Women Not for Sale” report focusing on advertisements for personal services in local newspapers, which could fuel the demand for trafficked women".

Oh yes, and for her pains, Follett had to contend with impertinent questions from those veritable shangri las of female empowerment etc etc, Egypt, Bangladesh and China.

Like this:

"Zou Xiaoqiao, expert from China, observed that minority women appeared to be more discriminated against in the United Kingdom than elsewhere. The income gap was still very high compared to other European countries, even though the equal wage law regulating equal pay had been in force for 40 years now. And, because of sexual discrimination, women in full-time employment still earned less than their male counterparts".

This is the ne plus ultra though, my emphasis added:

"Meriem Belmihoub-Zerdani, expert from Algeria, said less than 20 per cent women’s representation in Parliament was not sufficient for an advanced country like the United Kingdom. That figure should be at least 50 per cent".

Looks like Maine needs re-writing:
"we may say that the movement of the progressive societies has hitherto been a movement from Status to Contract".

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Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said... 8:55 am

Algeria again.

I wonder how the Middle East would look with women in charge?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:56 am

Golda did a pretty good job.....  

Blogger Letters From A Tory said... 9:15 am

Algeria can mind their own bloody business and stop jumping on the totally unnecessary 'equality train'.  

Anonymous "Ronnie Brunswick" said... 10:48 am

You forgot that Magna Carta, signed by men only, was mainly about scolding Bad King John for his lack of gender equality and failure to make sex-change operations a top priority.

Anyone fancy a "cam-pain" to change the New Statesman's monica?  

Anonymous Verity said... 6:57 pm

Algeria, eh? One of the pits of the universe. How is it French retirees all move to Morocco, the next country over, I wonder, and that all the movement around Algeria is OUT?

I'll bet that woman had a dumb-ass veil over her head. (In Morocco, the niqab is now banned, PLUS, sny woman wearing even a hijab is not allowed into any public building - as in a post office, town hall, school, etc.)  

Blogger Adamgv said... 1:49 am

Women need to be empowered more in general. They need to use their looks for good rather than use them for personal selfish persuits. When you get a moment check out:


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