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The Scandinavians and their traffic lights

The Danes have decided to follow the Swedish example and mess about with traffic light iconography. Whereas the Swedes have brought in female stick people at pedestrian crossings because it is sexist etc etc to only have men (they could be flat chested women in trousers, couldn't they?). I am NOT making this up.

Anyway, despite the Danish equality quango "'calling the plan 'strange' and 'a waste of money'", Copenhagen's council is pressing ahead regardless, as this business "was not about equality for the sexes but more about creating debate and a bit of a stir". Doubtless Copenhagen has no crime, education, health etc problems, and its councillors are thus free to ruminate on more abstract issues.

While it would be tempting to fulminate in best 'Disgusted of Croydon' fashion, that would be a tad predictable, so rather I will focus on other Danish traffic light oddities and ponder on British possibilities:

In Odense the lights depict Hans-Christian Anderson and in Fredericia local statue 'the brave country soldier'. And here they are. I imagine readers will work out which is which

First things first, how can either of those images be stripped down to one colour and still be instantly recognisable as who they are and to suggest walking / not walking? Any field reports showing Odense or Fredericia traffic lights will be gratefully received. Always supposing the Danes have cracked the challenge I posed, I am looking forward to having my town's traffic lights depicting David Lean.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 9:11 am

In any other country I would be tempted to ask "haven't they got more important things to worry about?" but as Denmark is as close to the pinnacle of civilisation as it is possible to be, perhaps they really haven't...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:25 am

I am favourably disposed to Denmark etc, although not to quite such a degree as you. Are you trying to impress a Dane BE?

Betcha didn't know that Carlsberg Special Brew was created to celebrate the visit of Churchill to Denmark.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 10:27 am

My bro's other half hails from Denmark and it seems that as a nation they are pretty bl**dy content.

Did not know that about Special Brew. Where does Tennant's Super originate then?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:33 am

Ah, at last the clouds part to show the true sky.

Can't say I know, but there's a song about it by the Alabama 3 called 'The Old Purple Tin'.

Special Brew etc are referred to as 'park bench lagers' by the trade.  

Anonymous Verity said... 9:28 pm

Hans Christian Andersen is the spitting image of a 19th Century British writer but I can't think who. Maybe George Elliott ... or one of the Brontes. Or someone else. But he is the spitting image of someone.

Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together?  

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