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Vanity, thy name is Kinnock.

Perusing a British Council report on transatlantic relations (1) I happened upon this drawing of Kinnock, who happens to head the BC these days:
Nice of the artist to lose Kinnock's glasses and shave off around 20 years, was it not? Even Betty Saxe Coburg Gotha Battenberg has dropped the pretence that bank notes should carry an image of her looking circa 25. Mind you, ID-ing Her Maj from a first class stamp would not be easy....

(1) Of which more later. Probably


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Blogger Edland said... 10:50 am

Roy Hattersley for President!  

Anonymous Geoff said... 11:25 am

On the Jersey One Pound Note (still legal tender) Her Majesty still looks about 21 and is in full regal splendour.

Regrettably the image is spoiled by flipping the note over. Republicans everywhere (of which I am NOT one) will be entertained to know that there is a picture of a cow.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:01 pm

Ed - Not of any country I wish to live in.....

Geoff - Oh dear. Did no-one warn them? I have tried to find it, to no avail, but have found the absolute shockers that are current Guernsey bank notes. They bear no resemblance to the Queen at all. Click at your own peril.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:03 pm

Ah - I see Gib uses the same portrait.  

Blogger Edland said... 2:30 pm

Stop bashing Her Maj then because it would be between Hattersley and David Beckham if we had to vote!  

Anonymous Geoff said... 7:50 pm

This is an awful scan of a Jersey One Pound Note. When was the last time she had hair like that? Sorry, I should have said earlier that the cow is actually the watermark and not a separate image but best seen from the other side of the note.

Here in Gib she looks very different on our Five Pound Note.

I had a friend who had a very nice scam selling Jersey One Pound Notes (worth one pound sterling) on eBay to punters who thought they were buying old English Pound Notes. As I recall he got £16 for one once.  

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