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I can't believe its not Macedonia, pt II

Here we go again: "Athens yesterday accepted as “a good basis for negotiations” five different composite names for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) proposed by the United Nations special mediator on the Macedonia name dispute during talks in Athens.

Sources late yesterday revealed to Kathimerini four of the five proposed names: Democratic Republic of Macedonia, Constitutional Republic of Macedonia, Independent Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Upper Macedonia".

I think I can do better:

The Not Even Remotely, Honestly not even a little bit, Hellenic Republic of Macedonia

Anyway, the Macedonians are rather limiting themselves by being a Republic. Part of its territory was ruled as the Despotate of Epirus, which gives pointers. Surely there must be a stray prince bishop or grand duke available at the right price? Or for the truly retro, the Margravate of Macedonia? (Mind you, they could that little bit further and use 'Greece', as their skittish neighbours to the South are more properly the Hellenic Republic)

If the Macedonians are entirely happy with their constitutional arrangements, they could always go for the Latin American look name-wise: The Bolivarian Republic of Macedonia, or the Co-Operative Republic of etc etc. Re the latter, is there a divi for the population, or is it a foreign policy mission statement? If so, I fear the Venezuelans and Brazilians will take advantage, especially as the former has claims on bits of Guyana.

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Blogger Umbongo said... 10:57 am

Just a point of information: the passports of citizens of the country are headed "Republic of Macedonia".

On a wider point, why hasn't Athens been told to f*** off? After all, Greece is just a banana republic of no importance whatsoever that happens to have lucked out by being admitted to the EU (and whose legislators are full participants in the resulting gravy train).  

Blogger anthonynorth said... 11:08 am

I don't care who they have as long as he doesn't put 'the Great' after his name.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:34 am

Indeed, and we British do a fairly good line in not getting upset about New Jersey, York, etc ctc.  

Blogger Ed said... 11:43 am

Have the Greeks got incredibly small p*n*ses?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:39 am

I suggest that FYROM resolve their issues with Greece ASAP. Remember that half of their population is of Albanian stock and it wont be long before we have a new Kosovo situation at Skopje - and that is when you can do with a good neighbour.  

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