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Good news for poker players - you cannot lose

Or at least not in Finland, where a university professor of law and economics has come up with a thoroughly well thought-out proposal which the kaiser blade-sharp brains in government want to put into practice: "Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is planning to introduce an amendment to the law on gambling that would enable Internet gamblers to claim back their losses. The payer would be either the firm providing the online poker services, a credit card company, or the winning player in the game".

I'm going to offer Helsinki my plan for extracting moonbeams from cucumbers.

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Blogger Newmania said... 5:08 pm

I never lose anyway...:)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:29 pm

Neither do I, but then cards are not my thing....  

Anonymous Alice in Wonderland said... 6:39 am

Has it occurred to the professor that those who make the book are also gamblers - ie they gamble on punters making wrong guesses on outcomes? If punters guess correctly and win, that is a loss to the bookmaking gamblers who, of course, will be able to reclaim their losses from the successful punters. What a jolly game! Is Helsinki anywhere near here?  

Anonymous dearieme said... 11:18 am

That'll be EU-approved not-excessively-bendy cucumbers, I trust?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:19 pm

Sounds great, what's the problem? Nothing wrong with supporting the needy (and by needy, I mean rubbish at gambling).  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:09 pm

AiW - I think it is poker only at the moment, but yes, absolutely.

Dearieme - Naturally....

LfaT - It would rather wreck the business model of any casino operators, virtual or otherwise plying their trade in Finland.  

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