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Economic acts between consenting adults

The Finns have just enacted legislation that makes it unlawful to offer multi pack discounts for beer: "the price of an individual bottle or can of beer must be the same, regardless of whether it is bought singly or in a larger package". Source

And there's more, "any special offer pricing on drinks must be a long-term affair: the offer must be in effect for at least two months, rather than a spot benefit for shoppers, for instance at the weekend".

I could rail in the usual way about the iniquity of all this, but instead I think there is more fun to be had in wondering how this will be circumvented. The most obvious seems to be to make larger cans or bottles cheaper per litre / fluid ounce. Beyond that, packing cans or bottles in sealed boxes of 6, 10 or 12 might be another good move, as would making single can availability etc limited.

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Blogger Newmania said... 1:19 pm

We will be next , pubs in Lewes are struggling badly since the smoking ban. I think they just want us to be misrable and then die .

Why stick to their proposed sequence if its that bad ?

Hope all well Mr. C and trust you stayed out of trouble over the festive period  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:36 pm

Yes, maintaining an even and average Mr N. And your good self?  

Blogger Ed said... 1:58 pm

The continentals seem to love this game, I was reading only recently about a similar move in France although it wasn't booze (obviously)....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:16 pm

In France it is illegal to offer spot sales as well as volume discounts. All sales have to be agreed by the Prefecteur and must be across all shops. That is why when you buy your 33 litre bideon of wine en vrac the retailer cannot offer a volume discount. The way round is that the retailer simply gives you a couple of free bottles of wine as a thank you.  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 7:30 am

...enters the room mumbling something about the law of unintended consequences afflicting the nannying classes.

"a couple of free bottles of wine as a thank you."

Putting shit up hill with a stick should be an olympic event: socialists would enter in droves. In NZ, the sale of fireworks is permitted for only 4 days in a year (leading up to and including Guy Fawkes). So we all buy $100 worth and hoard them until Christmas, New Year, election day, etc.  

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