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Some hints for Cameron from the Canadian Tories

Well, they were not directed to DC, but I'm going to fillet the Ten Commandments of Conservative Campaigning published in The Globe & Mail:

1. Unity
2. Moderation
3. Inclusion
4. Incrementalism
5. Policy
6. Self-discipline
7. Toughness
8. Grassroots politics
9. Technology
10. Persistence

The article gives the detail, but the list is pretty well self-explanatory.

Anyway, discuss.

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Anonymous Verity said... 1:57 pm

What about capitalism? What about self-reliance?  

Blogger Lord Higham- Murray said... 5:31 pm


Anonymous nomad said... 4:55 am

Also what about integrity and honesty?  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:38 am

Ahem, any hints on campaigning for an ... err ... *coughs* ... unwanted by-election ?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:50 am

Nick - Right now I'm just too (expletive deleted) depressed about it to be up to doing anything much more than be utterly fed up about the whole thing.

And to think my previous MPs have always been far away from the NotW and the like.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:35 pm

what about the real election that seems very likely now.

Only four horsemen and an doubble helping od apocalypse are going to drive a Tory win.

Damn Broon and his political cunning. Five more years of hell.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:48 pm

Yes, CU, it will be five more years of hell, but leavened by the death of the Conservative Party and the formation of a strong, right of centre party of firm conviction. One conviction that will carry it forward is, the New World socialist order must be slain.

This project must be started very soon or it will be too late. I have already observed the British people become passive in the face of government fascist thought police bullying.  

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