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Democracy Moscow-style

The Russian Constitutional Court has just upheld "a law requiring political parties to have a minimum of 50,000 members". The appellant, the doubtless deeply odious Russian Communist Workers' Party-Revolutionary Party of Communists, can muster 35,000 members.... Source

The rationale for upholding the law is that a party needs "at least 50,000 members to represent a segment of society". Converting 50,000 into a UK equivalent of about 21,000, how many UK parties would fail to pass that threshold?

The Greens - 7,110
UKIP - Official figures are not easy to lay hands on, but I've seen 11-12000 suggested. Source.
Respect - 5,739
SNP - 10,85
Plaid Cymru - ? Cannot find anything.... However, Istanbul Tory reckons 10,000, for which thanks.
Sinn Fein - Also a mystery, but it would include members in the Irish Republic...
Ulster Unionists, Democratic Unionists, SDLP - also a mystery.
BNP - unknown

Labour stands at circa 200,000, the Tories 290,000 and the Lib Dems 70,000 ish.

Corrections, fuller details would be most welcome.


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Blogger istanbultory said... 11:20 am

An immense bout of internet burrowing suggests that Plaid Cymru has 10,000 members. But I also can't find a thing on the BNP. Likewise for the SDLP.  

Blogger Newmania said... 11:39 am

The membership of both the main Party`s is down . Incredible how low the labour Party membership is . To think it was once the mass Party.
After all being a Consevative Party member was only really to find a nice gel to shag.

Not much chnaged there eh C ? !  

Blogger Devil's Kitchen said... 12:29 am

Can't find definite figures right now, but UKIP have between 16k and 18k, I believe. I'll check.


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