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Ask a silly question

You just have to love wonks, don't you?

The IFS has just published a 32 page paper on, get this, "Why home-owners with large mortgage debt work longer hours than those without such debt".

I think Occam's Razor could do with a good stropping.


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Blogger Nick Drew said... 8:23 pm

Reminds me of the wonderful letter to the Grauniad (which, to be fair, they printed), which went something like:

Only a Guardian leader writer could find a paradox in the fact that the prison population is rising at a time when the crime rate is falling  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 8:25 pm

Oh - and your concluding sentence is a superb one, C, I shall use it often  

Blogger Lord Straf-Bollinger said... 7:42 am

One wonders, really. [Shaking head]  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:27 am

Nick - I was rather pleased with it too...

James - Yup. Reminds me of the Swedish PhD thesis that showed that old people move more quickly when they are in a hurry.  

Anonymous Nomad said... 1:20 am

And there was another study I read about some time ago which set out to prove you get just as wet whether you walk or run in rain. Why can't I find some generous philanthropic organisation/persons to fund my useless activities? I could come up with several pointless things to study if given half a chance! Anybody out there want to fund my studies into the benefits of a couple of beers and long lie in after a hard day reading through blogs?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:32 am

Nomad - exactly the same point is made in the Hagakure, the book of the Samurai. Taking this to heart, I walk....  

Anonymous Nomad said... 1:04 pm

Ahh so..!!  

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