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Conclusive prooof that lawyers are not like the rest of us

Infertility is no laughing matter, and one has to feel sympathy for women who cannot conceive, however a Canadian lawyer has a rather curious take on her 7 year old daughter's infertility: she is donating her own eggs for freezing and prospective implantation for however many years down the road.

Where most of us would see our moral compasses twitching over the prospect of a woman giving birth to a half sister which would share a mother and a grandmother, the Canadian lawyer lacks doubts: "If my child had needed a kidney I would have given her one and no one would have questioned it. In this case it’s a gamete". More here

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Anonymous verity said... 12:57 pm

Some people are just plain crazy.  

Anonymous Jacques Cartier said... 5:12 pm

Ah - elle est de Montreal....


Blogger hatfield girl said... 1:25 pm

Lots of problems about kinship categories and their occupants. When you're supposed to marry your mother's brother's son, and no other, there's a lot of sneaking people about from one category into another; sometimes if there's not a man they designate a woman.

You should read the accounts and explanations of what was going on from ethnologists of our 'real people determine real categories' culture when they encountered this.

Leach wrote a debunking of virgin birth theories along the same lines - 'are you telling me,as I look at the goings-on in this culture that they don't know where babies come from?'

I wonder if ours isn't a bit too literally minded. Freudian incesty thing possibly.  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 1:27 pm

ethnographers I meant. category muddle again.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:34 pm

One of these days I will get around to reading my copy of 'The Raw & the Cooked'. A friend who has a degree in social anthropology spotted it and congratulated me on having the single worst book on the subject. Hey and indeed ho...  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 2:05 pm

You could be saved the trouble by reading the crib on Levi-Strauss (Leach again, and much better English, the French being wholly unintelligible).  

Blogger The Hitch said... 8:28 pm

I a little more concerned that a lawyer should be allowed to pass on its genes full stop.(that was second full stop)  

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