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Further neologisms, catch phrases and the like

This time it is from the Global Language Monitor that has come up with a list of top Words from Hollywood impacting the English Language'.

I cannot see anything even hinting at research methodology, but it is nevertheless amusing:

1 -
High Five!!!! It’s sexy time!” - From Borat the movie.
2 - Suri, Shiloh and other Hollywood baby names.
3 -
Pursuit (Pursuit of Happyness). I cannot make any sense of what they are on about here.
4. Nazi bullets (Little Miss Sunshine) -- "I still got Nazi bullets in my ass."A catch all excuse.

10 -
"The details of your incompetence do not interest me" Meryl Streep in 'The Devil Wears Prada', and by far the most interesting item on the list.

And because it never rains etc, I now have connectivity problems and am using someone else's connection. Further posting will depend on my ISP getting its act together or continued availability of the other connection.


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Anonymous swift said... 4:05 pm

More like impacting conversations in Los Angeles.
On a similar subject, but more amusing:

Blogger Newmania said... 4:56 pm

Aha he`s back. I quite like some of those C new words are fun. I have called everything from breakfast to theological study "procrustean" in the last few days . Prior to that was enjoying etiolated toast and embarked on a mission to remark on translucency in all its forms.

Returning the favour I like opalescent reffering to the inner from the blackness of an opal.You`d be amazed how often I slip it in ...

Hope all well  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:03 pm

Happy to have been of service....  

Anonymous verity said... 5:27 pm

I think they're all stupid. Who cares what trailer trash stars are calling their babies?

And I don't agree that No 10 is of any interest. You read wittier ripostes on Croydonaian, Iain Dale and Guido's every day.  

Anonymous Glassball said... 8:31 am

Dear me, Verity, you don't sound at all a happy bunny. What's the problem? Cat scratched you? Run out of booze? General Weltsmerz?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:05 am

General Weltsmerz _ is he somehting big in Iraq?  

Anonymous David Allen said... 10:15 am

I liked Newmania's phrase, used at the weekend (in his socialist phase) as the opening to some devastating riposte or other:
'Allow me to pulp your fiction....'
....so much wittier than the film form which it is derived......  

Anonymous verity said... 2:14 pm

Glassboil - "Happy bunny!" I love dated Americanisms! The Americans invent new catchphrases and then let them go. A certain type of Brit clings on forever, feeling trendy. By the way, it is not "happy bunny". It is "happy puppy". Puppies can be happy or sad. Bunnies aren't happy or sad. Bunnies just are.  

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