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Budget betting

As a public service, I have investigated available markets for budget betting, and here are some highlights, courtesy of Paddy Power:

What will he say first:

Economic Growth - 3-1
Commitment - 3-1
Infrastructure - 4-1
Prosperous / Prosperity - 4-1
Stability - 6-1
Inflation - 8-1
Prudent - 12-1

No sips of water is the hot favourite at 8-11, the speech being under 57 minutes is available at 8-13 and 11-15 mentions of 'environment' at 2-1.

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Blogger Newmania said... 12:08 pm

I am going for Growth here C as the other boasts of the Labour Goverment are looking a bit frail , in fact chez moi I have already pre-moaned about the injustice of this . You may consider me paid in full prior to the actual budget on the bitching balance of account

No question of it . Growth. this would make quite a good drinking game actually  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:23 pm

Shades of the 'Dallas' game - a character drinks, you have a drink...

Maybe it would be worth taking the next Budget day off in order to play it.  

Blogger Newmania said... 1:43 pm

....good plan C  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:12 pm

Next year maybe?  

Blogger The Hitch said... 3:09 pm

I just telephoned my mother and told her that she had missed out on an up to £4000 central heating grant available to pensioners , two months ago she shelled out £1200 for a new boiler.Fortunatley she has a sense of humour  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:16 pm

I hope it has kept Ma H warm these last few months.  

Anonymous David Allen said... 5:30 pm

H, these stupid grants drive me crazy. I am one of the directors of the freehold company of the block of 23 flats where I live. Having been built in the 60's with acres of glass windows, we are trying to cut our heating bills and forestall a really crappy energy rating for the place when the new homesell rating system is introduced later this year. It would appear that bloc grants are not available in these cases and they expect to receive 23 individual applications from each of the leaseholders in order to process the claim. But I presume this is because the purpose of the exercise is really to justify employing the maximum number of pen-pusher son the public payroll rather than to actually make a seriosu dent in our use of fossil fuels.  

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