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69 days - that's 'the earliest opportunity' in Lib Dem terms

On the 20th of September the loathsome 'Baroness' Tonge saw fit to inform the world, via a Lib Dem fringe meeting that "The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they've probably got a grip on our party." I blogged it at the time.

On the 21st, Norman Lamb commented "We will be seeking a meeting between Jenny, Ming Campbell and Tom McNally, our leader in the Lords, at the earliest opportunity to seek an explanation."

And now they have got around to doing so. In that time, judging from the Lib Dem website, Campbell has found the time to whine about Iraq, repeatedly, to whine about the Brussels / Strasbourg dual sites of the EU parliament, to whine to the National Family and Parenting Institute, visit Sutton (where he probably whined a bit) , whine about the government's anti-bullying strategy and reply to the Queen's speech. Tom McNally does not appear to have done anything at all.

Meanwhile, La Tonge notes "at [an] Edinburgh University meeting last week, she had been asked to explain her comments and had described "extensive" US academic research". Perhaps she means this document at the National Alliance website, which supposedly documents 'Jewish control of the media'. I will add a health warning here - this group was founded by William 'Turner Diaries' Pierce and has dubbed Hitler 'the greatest man of our era'.

I wonder how Alex Carlile feels about sharing the LD whip in the Lords with this woman? And how long 'in the fullness of time' is to a Lib Dem?

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Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 12:55 pm

Youre favourite hobby horse and blind spot , unless you are also under the spell or pay of the evil jew?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:58 pm

I'm not worth being in any lobby's pay.....

I flogged the topic to death last time, so this was more an exercise in mocking the speed of the LD hierarchy, with details thrown in as context.  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:22 pm

PHITCH - a jew hater ? Lord above . I do like the presence of a PHITCH way off to the fascist right. I find it comforting to know I remain in the little bears porridge area of "just right"
Jews are lovely , Danny Kay , half Joan Collins Einstein ; and good pants. I wish they did rule the world there wrere six in Maggies cabinet at one point. Sadly the world is ruled by Lizard creatures that control our thoughts and wish to sacrifice us at the great volcano.

( I read this sacred text at the Cruise Scientology wedding)
TS Elliot was a Jew hater and you should read the first page of the 39 steps with its endearing image of a Jew like a maggot at the centre of the rotting apple.

How is the soap opera coming.? I suppose PHITCH will want a pogrom plot line  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 1:27 pm

A piece of danny kay trivia
he used to be best friends with my stepmothers boss , why is that odd ?
well my stepmothers boss was a middle manager in a fuel card company working out of a regional office (manchester)how in the hell they became friends I never found out, apprently danny also wore "tweed" that cheap 1970's womans perfume.
I wish my mind would retain such trivia  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:29 pm

In all fairness, PH has never (seriously) expressed anything I would consider hateful in that regard, and heaven knows I've got a very thin skin when it comes to matters Israeli / Jewish.

The blog opera is being mulled upon.....  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:43 pm

Why a thin skin ? Danny Kay had Black hair , of course . Elvis had mousey brown hair and that Shakira is part Arab with , black hair . Important this hair business.
Thanks to Shakira for this.

" Lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you don`t confuse them with mountains "

Now thats a great lyric , it makes a point and does so clearly. No Shakira there is far to much of that sort of fuzzy headed thinking going on
The Jews may soon be the only poepl we are better than at sport the way its going  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:25 pm

A fairly staggering non-sequitur there Mr N.

Maybe the lyric sounds less silly in Spanish.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 2:30 pm

jews good at sport???

come on , they have many talents but running and jumping aint amongst them , nor cooking.

maybe if the olympic commitee could come up with a new event like bulldozing houses or shooting small children they may be in with the chance of a gold.
Mind you They did win eurovison once, shame they had to do it with a tranny, oi !  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:40 pm

There have been a fair number of tasty Jewish boxers, as discussed way back.

Way back lost in the mists of time, before I had developed greater taste and discernment I used to watch Eurovision, and even now the horror of the Israeli winning entry from '78, "A-Ba-Ni-Bi" is burnt into my memory. They won in '79 too.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 3:09 pm

if they have won it three times it just goes to prove that there is a zionist conspiracy to win eurovison , all part of their evil plan for world domination, lets not forget that a jew also won the x factor last year, coincidence or conspiracy?
I will let you decide.  

Anonymous David Allen said... 4:55 pm

A-Ba-Ni-Be _ now there's an execrable blast from the past.... but the wonderful Dana International is another story (and surely even PH would admit she is the most convincing tranny he has ever seen? Wind your watch, PH?) or her even more talented Israeli Eurovision lookalike, the sadly-departed Ofra Haza? A few of her tunes have made it onto my iPod...
Meanwhile, back to Tonge, thanks for resurrecting this, C, this deserves to be stirred up again.
And is it my imagination that a disporportionate number of Putin's targets appear to be Jewish?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:56 pm

If was part of the IJC, I think I'd be pretty peeved that my minions have been outperformed by the Irish, the French and the British....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:58 pm

Being a recovering Goth, I rather liked Ofra's guest vocals on a Sisters of Mercy track some years back.

Hadn't noticed the Jewish element to Putin's 'hitlist'.  

Anonymous Sutton skeptic said... 5:20 pm

Who's afraid of Lady Tonge? Pas moi.

Cannot access "her" post or indeed any of your right hand column stuff.

5:13 pm  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 5:34 pm

David Allen
As I am anonymous she almost did
But its the hands and feet that are a giveaway , btw has anybody here clocked the feet of Paris Hilton?
They are like two huge boney hooves  

Anonymous verity said... 6:31 pm

Well, whatever, but Danny Kaye was very talented and tremendously funny. The Marx Brothers were Jewish, too. So's Jerry Seinfeld. So is Rabbi Lionel Blue. In fact, if the main characters in TV comedies aren't Jewish, the script is written by Jews. That's why their TV comedies are so successful.

I have a feeling Paris Hilton's father was Jewish - Conrad Hilton, but that doesn't make her Jewish.  

Anonymous verity said... 6:35 pm

Paul Newman's Jewish, but I can't stand him. Self-righteous, whining liberal. He probably pals around with pHitchens' stepmother's boss.  

Anonymous Ellee said... 6:42 pm

She sounds a very stupid woman, totally out of touch. What will happen to her, she will probably only get her knuckles rapped?

Your first link back to your original post isn't working, btw.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:03 pm

Conrad Hilton was devout roman Catholic  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:55 am

Dodgy link fixed.

Re Dana etc, has everyone seen the, ahem, female or shemale picture quiz at B3ta?  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 9:11 am

11/16 not bad,reminds me of a time in rio when one of the lads got bjed by a bloke.Superb,didn't stop laughing till we got mugged.  

Anonymous newmania said... 9:29 am

Paul Newman's Jewish ? Goodness. You can get enough of that jewish observational humour
" You ever go out when its raining ? You get wet ...am I right am I right"...(.ooo thats so true sighs the happy audience)

I like Grouch Marx:

Is that a Sari ?
No a Sarong
I`m Sari I was sarong ?( waggle cigar)

I `m here all week!!1  

Anonymous Colin said... 10:29 am


You can be funny, too ! Hence, ?  

Anonymous Suttonian said... 10:48 am

Surely, to say that Jews are wittier than say, Swedes, is to admit that there are racial differences. This admission undermines the campain against the BNP.

Still no right hand column. Will check out da Link.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:55 am

S - it is there. Scroll down and it should pop up.  

Anonymous Colin said... 10:56 am

Daniel Johnson mentioned Jenny Tonge's statement as proof for an increase of antisemitism in Britain. To prove that the entire political spectrum is involved, he cited antisemitic statements from Michael Levy, Peter Tapsell, and Lord Bramall ending with a paragraph about a Norwegian bestseller author:

One of the most infamous expressions of this new and unfettered brand of European anti-Semitism emerged this summer in Norway, where Jostein Gaarder, the author of Sophie’s World, an international best-seller introducing children to philosophy, joined forces with Hamas, Hizballah, and Ahmadinejad’s Iran by calling for the extinction of the Jewish state. In an open letter published in Aftenposten, Norway’s leading newspaper, Gaarder reached back into history to claim that “the first Zionist terrorists started operating in the time of Jesus.” He concluded his screed with a prophecy:

"The state of Israel in its current form is history. . . . But fear not! The time of trouble shall soon be over. The state of Israel has seen its Soweto. We are now at the watershed. There is no turning back. The state of Israel has raped the recognition of the world and shall have no peace until it lays down its arms."

Here the link to Daniel Johnson's article in commentarymagazine.com: Allah’s England?

However, I am wondering whether there really is an increase of antisemitism among non-Islamic Britons because I lively remember having been charged with the antisemitic crimes of the Nazi's during a dinner conversation at Cambridge university because of my German passport.  

Anonymous newmania said... 11:12 am

There has been a rise in anti semitic violence in London. Perhaps peolle are sick of their obervational humour. I can recall two Jewish Girls and on the all important what do I get test I can report mixed results .

Tend to fat a bit

I `ve found a Jewish Joke mine some of them are great

Sadie, an elderly Jewish lady, is leaving the garment district to go home from work.
Suddenly a man who has been walking towards her stands in front of her, blocks her path, opens up his raincoat and flashes his wares in all their sordid glory. Unruffled, Sadie takes a look and remarks,

"This you call a lining?"

OK maybe not that one( no new posts today ?)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:22 am

Oy, and indeed, vey.

Am getting back up to speed posts wise - late night and thus a late start....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:48 pm

Bring an end to those What-do-I-get-my-Jewish-friends-for-Hanukkah blues with Comment Central. We’ve been scouring the internet looking for presents for the politically-obsessed Jew in your life so that you don’t have to.

What's Hanukkah? And will Hitchens be getting you anything?  

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