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A gift to the English language from Australia

I give you 'shonky'.

Adjective: shonky (shonkier,shonkiest)

  1. (Informal) - Very poor in quality - Ropey [Brit], ropy [Brit]
  2. (Informal) - Unreliable or dishonest
I discovered this via the Sydney Morning Herald, which was reporting on the Shonky Awards, for, erm, shonky products. These were care of the Oz equivalent of the Consumers Association, Choice. Sounds rather less precious than the CA. The winner was 'Life Miracle's Magnetic Laundry System', with the iPod 7th.

I will be looking out for opportunities to use 'shonky' in the future, and wish to thank Oz for its linguistic ingenuity.
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Anonymous Suttonian said... 10:21 am

Rather shonky la Une of the Mirror today.

I thought they merged with BOAC a million years ago?



Blogger Croydonian said... 10:25 am

Is there a shonkier paper in the entire anglosphere than Le Mirroir?  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 11:13 am

the sport but it's a riveting read  

Anonymous Wot the papers say said... 11:18 am

Mais si.

Sun, Star, Sport, al-Guardian, Irresponsable (la Une another classic of hysterie), Morning star,
other Murdoch papers, prob lots in US, Wail on Sunday. Lloyds List (for no longer calling boats "she")

Daily Wail about same shonky.

19.10.6 12:10  

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