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Even more overreacting - this time Blunkett, allegedly

Just seen this in the Standard:

"David Blunkett ordered the Prison Service to call in the Army and 'machine gun' prisoners to quell a riot, according to the service's former Director General. Martin Narey claimed that the former Home Secretary 'shrieked' down the telephone that he did not care if the lives of inmates or staff were lost in efforts to regain control of Lincoln prison".

I sincerely hope that this tale has gained in the telling, as a bit of digging around suggests that the riot, although dealt with by officers in riot gear hardly justified calling in the army. Must say I didn't have top of mind recall of the event, and I shudder to think what would have happened if the 80s riots had happened on Blunkett's watch and he had had his way. It also seems to suggest a woeful misunderstanding of the armed forces. Anyone would think we are living in a third world dictatorship.
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Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 11:12 am

As I said the other day it is impossible for a blind man to effectively hold such office, especially one that is both insane and a nincompoop  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 11:15 am

It also seems to suggest a woeful misunderstanding of the armed forces.
no, it just demonstrates that we are governed by stalinists.I recall an incident in the 70's when one of the sisters suggested that the govt should "send in the tanks" to deal with a certain group of strikers,socialists are always the first to turn to violence.  

Anonymous verity said... 12:24 pm

I agree with peter hitchens and have always said that Blunkett could not possibly be fit to hold such high office because his disability disqualified him.

I have also always thought he was mentally unbalanced. And tony blair appears to have allowed him to stay on at the Home Office, after Blunkett told him he was clincally depressed, as a kind of work therapy programme.

The misuse of our great offices of state (Margaret Beckett as our Foreign Secretary! John Prescott in charge of anything ... David Blunkett and his serial fathering of children by women he wasn't married to - how 'needy' is that?) by this government has been astounding.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:49 pm

Good news everybody:


Anonymous Ellee said... 11:00 pm

I believe Blunkett is denying he said, but can you imagine the country's prison boss making up such an allegation against a former Minister? Just wait till the other Ministers start writing their diaries, they will be lining up to dish the dirt on Blunkett, once the time is right.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:06 pm

The one I'm anticipating is Prescott's. He knows where the bodies are buried.  

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