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France's ex colonies have their 1973 moment

When the UK joined the Common Market as it then was, the Commonwealth was hung out to dry. Now the Organisation internationale de la francophonie thinks that the same thing is about to happen to them, with Le Monde quoting African leaders to that effect. Admittedly the anticipated shafting is more to do with a possible curtailing of aid when France has lots of Bulgarian and Romanian farmers to part fund rather than over trade issues as happened to our friends in the Antipodes and elsewhere. This is because those two noted French speaking countries have joined the OIF.

Jean-Didier Somda, the Foreign Minister of Burkina Faso commented "When you have two people eating from the same plate and then a fifth appears, you think that the late arriver does not have the right to be there".

On the upside, Abdou Diouf, Secretary General and former president of Senegal reckons it is a good thing: "When Romania and Bulgaria join the EU there will be 13 of the 27 helping us to get our message across".

Curiouser and curiouser said Alice…

So, off to the blogger's friend in search of further and better particulars. It turns out that 'Francophone states' in Europe don't end with France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland but include Austria, Georgia, Moldova and Lithuania inter alia (incluing associates and observers). Egypt is in on the act too, the ingrates - they could have joined the Commonwealth and have not.

I do get the feeling that the Quai d'Orsay will do anything to project French influence. Makes quite a change from the way the Commonwealth is routinely ignored. Plenty of intriguing factoids here, including interest from Norway, Cambodia and Rwanda.


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Blogger istanbultory said... 9:12 am

ı don't recall Georgia as being particularly Francophone or Moldova for that matter. But yes, croydonian, the French will do anything to ruthlessly project their influence. Usually with disastrous consequences. Like Rwanda.I seem to remember it was the French who had trained and armed the forces of the former Hutu Government in the full knowledge that they were intent on committing genocide. President Mitterrand had, of course, propped up the Hutu regime in the early 1990s with military aid.  

Anonymous A suttonian said... 9:55 am

Actually written Roumanian is largely French. It's under French influence that they play wugger.

As for Rwanda, nobody has ever explained why the international socialist Papa Mitterrand would care a fig about Rwanda. Mind you, he was a pretty sinister figure.

PS Why is the Tramlink down?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:09 am

I know that Romania has long been regarded by the French as being part of their sphere of influence, and an ex girlfriend with French & Spanish found Romanian more than understandable.

Don't get me started on Mitterand....

Re Tramlink, the TFL site just says 'planned engineering works are taking place'. Yesterday westbound trams were terminating at East Croydon, but beyond that I'm in the dark.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 10:25 am

how many ex girlfriend shave you got C,bet you've got tsales to tell  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:36 am

RM - a reasonable number, but gentlemen don't kiss and tell. Plus one or another of them might stumble upon this blog. Why do you suppose I remain semi-incognito?.....  

Anonymous peter hitchens' schlong said... 11:02 am

"Blessed are the fornicators"
Book of 'Peter Hitchens':69  

Anonymous Suttonian said... 4:09 pm

En effet, the French have no interest in Roumania, even less than they have in Quebec (apart from liking their pop singers, from Celine to Garou etc.) The idea that "ther French" spend all their time conspiring abroad is best left to le Soleil de Murdoch.  

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