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The vintage Hansard trawl - featuring beer, postal worker decorations and misbehaving scousers

Sticking with 1909, because it was a vintage year.

The Egyptian Penal Code

What did Arnold Lupton have in mind?:

Mr. A. LUPTON (Lib) asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if murder, attempted murder, theft, attempted theft, destruction of crops, poisoning animals, and arson are contrary to the Egyptian penal code (etc)

And the answer he got back did not include either 'yes' or 'no'

The SECRETARY of STATE for FOREIGN AFFAIRS (Sir E. Grey) The whole text of the Ordinance has been laid before Parliament. It was discussed and passed by the Legislative Council, and I can give no fuller explanation of its provisions than appears in the Papers now laid. There is no provision in it which entails a sentence of imprisonment.

Pretty alarming, frankly.

British beer (average gravity).

Mr. George Younger (CON. Yes, of the brewing family. I checked on my suspicions. Also great grandfather of the sadly missed namesake) asked the Secretary to the Treasury whether he can state the numbers and average gravity of the bulk barrels of the beer brewed in the United Kingdom in the year ending 31st March last?

Mr. HOBHOUSE The number and average gravity of the bulk barrels of beer brewed in the United Kingdom in the year ended 31st March, 1909, was:—

Bulk Barrels. Average Gravity.
34,376,352 1053,26.

That would be nigh on a barrel per head of population. Makes you proud, doesn't it?

The Ceylon Police Service.

Mr. KEIR HARDIE asked whether, under the terms of the circular issued by the Colonial Office in April this year anent the establishment of probationerships from which vacancies in the Ceylon police service are to be filled, only British subjects of European descent may enter for the competitive examinations; and what are the reasons for thus barring out Singhalese gentlemen who possess the necessary qualifications from competing for these positions?

Fair question, pretty so-so response:

Colonel SEELY The answer to the first part of my hon. Friend's question is in the affirmative. It is essential that there should be an European element in the force, and this is supplied from the examination at home. The local element, which is also necessary, is supplied by local appointments.

Further to-ing and fro-ing followed, with the issue killed stone dead by this:

Sir H. COTTON Can he say whether a Singhalese gentleman in this country is eligible for competition?

Colonel SEELY I am not quite sure. On that point also I require notice.

Stripes for posties:

Mr. J. P. FARRELL asked the Postmaster-General whether, in the case of Michael Maguire, a postman of Longford, who some years ago lost three stripes, and 564 whose record since has been very good, he can see his way to restore this man to his former status in the service?

Mr. BUXTON If Mr. Maguire's record continues to be good, one of the forfeited stripes will be restored to him during the present month, and he will eventually become eligible for the full number of six stripes. There will be, however, a permanent loss of four years.

I think readers will be inclined to agree with my belief that stripes for postmen and women need to make a comeback sharpish.

What had they been getting up to in Liverpool?

Mr. SLOAN asked the Home Secretary if he has received from the Watch Committee of Liverpool a recommendation to hold an inquiry into the recent disturbance in that city; if so, does he propose to grant an inquiry, and on what date; will the inquiry be held on oath; and will the Press be admitted?

Mr. GLADSTONE No, Sir; I have not at present received any such recommendation.

And presumably Gladstone would not entertain further questions from Mr Sloan.

And finally, Motor Accident at Salisbury Plain (Speed Dangers).

Mr. JOWETT asked the President of the Local Government Board whether his attention has been called to the evidence given at the inquest on the body of Gunner Snow on 14th August last, who was killed by a motor car on Salisbury Plain, the driver of which acknowledged that when the accident took place he was driving his car at the rate of 10 to 15 miles an hour into a dense mist...and whether he is considering what steps may be taken to prevent persons who, as owners and drivers of motor cars, are guilty of endangering the lives of others from using the public roads in future for the purposes which they have abused?

Mr. BURNS I have seen a report of the inquest in this case, and I understand that the question whether proceedings should be instituted against the driver of the motor car is under consideration. With regard to the subject generally, I may point out that if a person drives a motor car on a public highway recklessly or negligently or at a speed or in a manner which is dangerous to the public he is liable to penalties, and in the case of a second offence to imprisonment. Moreover, his licence to drive may be suspended, and he may be declared disqualified for obtaining a further licence for such time as the court thinks fit.

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