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Thieving Socialists

Putting wealth redistribution into practice has caught on with members of the staff of the NZ Labour party:

"Labour leader Phil Goff is not happy with the activities of some of his party's younger staffers.

One person has been arrested and enquiries are continuing regarding several others, after they allegedly stole several boxes of wine from the press gallery's end of year Christmas party last night".

Wine boxes. Honestly.

Mind you, our own dear Prime Minister has counselled comparable action in the past: ""This book was edited by Gordon Brown when he was a student in the 1970s at Edinburgh University. It is entitled Alternative Edinburgh and was penned at the time when Brown was a socialist student leader - it is full of suggestions of how to live in Edinburgh for next to nothing!...my favourite one is how to turn up at a party without bringing a bottle with you - so what do you do... you bring a carrier bag of empty cans and put two half-bricks in the bottom of it to weight it down".

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Blogger Nick Drew said... 12:14 pm

two x half-bricks, eh ? some subtlety here no doubt, but it's eluding me  

Blogger John M Ward said... 2:46 pm

To Nick Drew, I think the reason for the two half-bricks was to distribute the "lump" at the bottom of the carrier bag to look more as if it were a collection of full drinks cans in there.

My scientific mind tells me that the maths and physics would support this; though I expect the original reason was purely empirical, based on the experience of first trying it with a whole brick.

Standard socialism, though: sponge off others, provide nothing of value yourself, and use any form or depth of deception to achieve it. Describes Brown and Co very accurately...  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 4:55 pm

If he was going for socialist realism I'm surprised he didn't get four empty cans, fill 'em with water, and ...

anyway, in those days it was 'Party Sevens' (not that i remember, of course, *coughs*), altogether now, what we want is Watney's Red Barrel !  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:12 pm

Indeed gents, indeed.

*I* remember Party Sevens, and I'm barely out of short trousers. It was the funky graphics od 1970s types with a beach buggy and so on that amused me.

A Google image search shows that this is one of those (rare) occasions when total recall has not failed me.

I expect Broon was hoping to get his mitts on some of those Caledonian concoctions from S&N however.  

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