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You heard it here first

Apart from the other 100 people in the room. Nadine Dorries is going to stop blogging. She said earlier that if she meets a nameless other blogger - /present in Brum today/, as I breeze shot with him - 'he will father no children, I tell you'.

Anyway, an update on the thoughts of ND, Dizzy, DK and Guido as voiced at a conference fringe event later. Probably.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:20 pm

Eh, what? Is this in a special language? What does 'as I breeze shot with him mean?'. Little help?  

Blogger Old BE said... 3:22 pm

I would hazard a guess that the Devil's vitriol has taken its toll...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:52 pm

Maybe so, but if you try to talk 'street' at Tory conference they'll kick you out.....  

Blogger TheFatBigot said... 5:36 pm

Mr Eyes, was that toll or troll?  

Blogger Praguetory said... 8:22 am

Mr Croydonian is currently recovering and will be back soon.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:50 am

I have felt healthier, but I'm getting there. Hurrah for restorative powers of Coca-Cola and black coffee. Not mixed, I hasten to add.  

Blogger Andrew Allison said... 2:02 pm

Good to see you did not drop a bollock and reveal the name of the said blogger. Did he give you a monkey to protect his anonymity?  

Blogger Newmania said... 3:26 pm

Not suprised why would any MP want to bother with boring arses like Unity that want spend their lives stalking the famous under some self righteous pretext or other./  

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