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A thousand years ago..

I took notes at Conference as to what a Tory mayor of London should do in his first 100 days. Herewith some highlights:

Richard Barnes: "So, the first thing the new mayor should do? Lock the doors to keep Livingstone's advisers and wonks inside while a thorough forensic audit is connected of who does what, why it is done and so forth. Similarly, the accounts will need to be gone through carefully


Then TfL needs to be brought under proper accountable and democratic control, and not to be run by a bunch of 1979 throwbacks intent on class war and making life unpleasant for motorists.

The establishment of the Metropolitan Police by the 1829 Act called for the force to engage in the prevention and detection of crime and to ensure public traquility. (I cannot pin down the precise text, but those are the key words) Those are worthy aims, and the people of London, all the people of London are entitled to the full protection of the police 24/7, 365 days a year etc etc"

Merrick Cockell: "Send a skip to city hall,for the political hacks to fill up and exit the premises by lunchtime. (Looks like Barnes and Cockell were not co-ordinating responses, but the divergent sentiments are both pretty good). These advisers are 70s throwbacks disconnected from the real London. And after that, well, throw a party.

As to the other civil servants, they need to be told that unless that they are prepared to work with the mayor, in the manner of civil servants everywhere, then they need to resign. The lease on City Hall needs to be investigated, with a view to getting new premises, possibly overlooking the Treasury, given that it gets £13 billion a year net from London. Further, TfL needs a new chairman, someone with real business experience. Costs need to be cut, expenditure needs to be trimmed. Then appoint a chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority with real clout - the mayor. The chair of London Councils, the leader of the assembly should meet and talk about future co-operation, and cost cutting.


Following the pattern of Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor needs to say ‘This is GOING to happen’ and then see how that expression of will galvanises. One of the things that needs to happen is the equivalent of 311 - a non-emergency number for all public services".

Boris: "We need to get rid of the bat-eared labour spin doctors, who will hang on to the radiators with their finger nails to avoid being dragged out....Once I’m inside the Mayor’s office – and what does it look like? – Stalinist Brutalist I would imagine, I will end the civil war between the Mayor and the boroughs, and I will work with the boroughs, not against them....I will work together with the boroughs and end the civil war. The police budget needs to be looked at , in order to get more police on the beat. As to transport, Livingstone's record is far from great, and the operation of the congestion charge is far from perfect. A Code Red is when a bus driver just cannot take it any more, stops the bus and radios for help - these are up 230%. There has to be a crackdown on hooliganism etc on buses, and we should have PSCOs on buses, conductors AND commission a successor to the Routemaster. There are more than 100 people at LT paid more than £100,000. There are just seven at the treasury....

I will axe The Londoner, Livingstone's propaganda sheet, and spend the money on where it came from in the first place - trees.

So, my priorities -tax payer value, democratic accountability and working with the boroughs. London will be a model for the planet, and as the lion shall lie down with the lamb, so shall the cyclist be reconciled with the bus driver.

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Blogger Old BE said... 3:07 pm

That reminds me of something "a friend" was telling me about the LDA which I must forward to Boris.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:13 pm

Why bother? Just hang them all, and let the shade of Iosef Vissarionovich sort them out.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:09 am

Brown now supports a referendum.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:48 am

Ah yes, I remember that event. Were you doing shorthand, William?

This was the one where Richard Barnes referred to Birmingham, correctly, as Up North ... to universal approval IIRC.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:51 am

And a good time was had by all, wasn't it?

Not shorthand, but even decades on from university etc I am pretty good at taking notes.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:47 pm

Stop the London Development Agency (LDA) wasting millions on left-wing frot organisations posing as so called 'small business start ups'.  

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