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It's those Jews again...

When they are not having meetings of the Elders of Zion and so forth, they are busy getting placemen elected, if an Algerian minister is to be believed:

El Khabar: "This means that a relations of parity between Algiers and Paris are not possible?"

Mohamed Cherif Abbés: "....You know the origins of the French president and those who brought him to power. Did you know that the Israeli authorities had put into circulation a stamp with the face of Nicolas Sarkozy on it, during the full election campaign?....This was the result of a movement which reflects the opinion of the true architects of the election of Sarkozy to the presidency, the Jewish lobby, which has the monopoly of industry in France".

Fact checking follows shortly...

Israeli stamps issued in 2006/2007 can be found here. Unless Sarko was a model for the stamps honouring sport, fashion, the Israeli prison service etc, I can't see him anywhere.... I will be looking at leading French companies shortly. Here's a list of noted French Jewish industrialists, business people etc. One might note that 'the Jewish conspiracy' rather messed up with the Socialist candidates, given that faced with possibles in DSK, Fabius and Lang they instead chose a shiksa.

Meanwhile, those nice Libyans appear to have funded an attempted blowing up of the Israeli and Egyptian embassies in Oslo in 1979.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:16 pm

Shiksa is a strong word Mr C - appropriate perhaps in this case though. As for the rest of it, typical Islamist bullshit.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:56 am

'Islamist' is a ridiculous word Mr R. All muslims are, by direction of mohammad, promoters of islam. The world won't be complete until everyone owes fealty to their diety. Pretending that there are two sets of islamics, the crazy ones and the relaxed ones is a comfort zone too far.

People just don't seem to be able to take in this point: muslims believe that you were born muslim. Everyone was. It is the natural way of the world.

You deserted islam, becoming an apostate. The penalty for apostacy is death or you can "return" to islam. That is why what we would call "converts" to islam are called "reverts" by muslims.

See? The Catholics say that if they get you until you are seven, they have you for life. (I do not say this in a condemnatory sense. It may well be true and I make no judgement on whether this is good or bad, as I don't know.) But the muslims say they got you before your life began, which leaves you little in the way of choice. It is fascist, narrow and horrifying. You became a muslim in your mother's womb and if you never noticed this interesting fact, you are an apostate. A criminal who deserves the death penalty.

So please, let us not hear more of this made-up, new word 'islamist'. It doesn't mean diddly.  

Blogger James Higham said... 11:49 am

And while you're there, don't name anything Mohammed.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:32 pm

Verity - I apologise. I used the wrong word after a very long day at the coal face. Mr C knows well my views on this subject and they are similar to those you have expressed here before.  

Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said... 8:52 am

Thanks for highlighting this. Lovely world we live in isn't it?

Algeria, another country one ought to avoid visiting?  

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