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Petitions o' the day.

And there are some absolute corkers:

"We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ban all tourists from devon and cornwall in august.... the devon and cornwall locals have every summer ruined by the influx of tourists, we should be allowed to enjoy our summer and not spend it stuck in traffic or fighting for a spot on our beaches". Source. And keep the local economy afloat. And what about Somerset?

" We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to stop the slander off (sic) working dogs and the people that work them". Source. Erm, can anyone help me out with this one?

But I like this one. A lot.

" We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to abolish all taxes". Source


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Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:59 pm

Re dogs: This one should come from the illegal DVD makers/distributors in this part of the world who regularly get found out in surprise raids by the police/customs with 2 sniffer dogs brought over from the UK. Some of the hiding places for discs, and ruses employed to throw the dogs off the scent are quite ingenious, but to date not many have been successful. The location of the dogs and their handlers is kept a very closely guarded state secret as the gangs that are involved in the trade have put a hefty bounty on them winding up dead. To date they are reckoned to have found booty to the value of something over £1 million. The Malaysian Govt is now seriously thinking about setting up their own dog unit - despite the prohibition on dogs in Islam.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:52 pm

Lots of people keep dogs in KL - especially the Chinese. Designer dogs to go with the designer togs.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:16 pm

True Verity - as do quite a lot of Indians and European expats. Petty crime and housebreaking on the increase are making many folks turn to a four legged guard.

The Aussies also use sniffer dogs at the airports which is a huge disincentive to those thinking of trying to smuggle anything naughty in. Maybe the petition was written by one of the handlers fed up with being slagged off.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:23 pm

I am a cat person, but I have a great admiration for dogs, especially British and Ozzie sniffer dogs. Some of these dogs are even specialists in their field. They're incredible.

But dogs are also wonderful just using their instincts to protect their pack, which is their family. They are fine animals.

A cat would no more put itself in harm's way to protect you than it would touch bad fish. It would be out the door and up the tree and not come back until the coast was clear. Little bundles of absolute selfishness.

Dogs contribute to the economy and well being of people. Cats contribute to the gaiety of nations. Even just watching a cat sleep gets the endorphins on the move!  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 5:34 pm

The spelling suggests not, but it could be in support of kiwi dog handlers. A police dog was recently drowned, held under water by the perp he was tracking.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:29 pm

The perp should get the death penalty for killing a police officer, whether it was a canine member or a human member of the force. The dog was protecting society.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:20 pm

Verity - good point.  

Blogger Alan Douglas said... 7:05 am

working dogs = foxhounds ?

Alan Douglas  

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