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Alistair Campbell may have dropped someone in it....

From the coverage I've skimmed, Campbell's diaries seem to be remarkably dull and have been purged of all content of any great moment, but for this bit:

"On 28 February 2003, after just 5% of people questioned in Spain back the war: "TB said to [Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria] Aznar that 4% was roughly the number you could get in a poll for people who believed Elvis was alive, so he had a struggle."

And this is where it gets interesting, as "The Andalusian United Left-Green coalition has cited the diaries of Campbell...in a campaign to have ex-Prime Minister of Spain José María Aznar tried for war crimes". Source, pdf only. "According to United Left deputy Antonio Romero, the revelation shows “the disregard shown by [...] Aznar for Spanish public opinion.” The party is inviting citizens to sign an online petition to bring Aznar to trial".

It is a rather odd conception of international law that considers legality of an action to be based on popularity.....

Meanwhile, the Izquierda Unida Los Verdes - Convocatoría por Andalucía appears to be a ragbag of "leftists, greens, left-wing socialists and republicans, but...dominated by the Communist Party of Spain".

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Blogger The Hitch said... 12:54 pm

Since when was anything Blair decided on fact, law or tradition as opposed to popularity?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:27 pm

I have just been watching AC on BBC World Hard Talk (not sure if you get that in the UK?). He gave hard-nosed interviewer Stephen Sackur a good run for his money and remains adamant that after 10 years of NuLab, everything in the UK garden is now much better than it was in 1997. Others may disagree, but you will not get Campbell to change his opinion.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:29 pm

A bit camp, Campbell, don't you think?  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:30 pm

to even attempt to glean a fact from his diary is a heroic effort; by all accounts!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:45 am

Many of Mr Blair's policies are unpopular. For instance, immig, failure to withdraw From Irakistan, failure to solve all problems with a magic wand....
(Or the Green Stick, see Malcolm Mugrij)  

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