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Do not read this until 00.01 on Friday 23rd

An organisation that shall remain nameless, but which shares a three letter name with a type of savoury biscuit beginning with a 'T' and ending with a 'C' would not seem to have the world's savviest press office. It has put up a release on its website that is has embargoed until the date above, even though it is trying to promote 'Work your proper hours day', which takes place on, yes that Friday. So, given that daily newspapers generally go to press for their first editions long before midnight, readers far from the presses will not know that ''Work Your Proper Hours Day is a chance to have bit of fun at work tomorrow, but it should also get people asking some serious questions about work/life balance in [insert name of region]".

Or indeed that "The [mystery organisation] is today urging people in London to take a proper lunch break and leave work on time to remind managers of all the extra unpaid hours, and is calling on Britain's bosses to say thank you for the extra work by taking their staff to lunch or an after-work coffee or cocktail. There are many fun ways of marking the day at www.workyourproperhoursday.com , including the chance to win a special 'work your proper hours day' clock for a photo of what people get up to in their lunch breaks".

Maybe we should show some blogger solidarity by refusing to post after 5.30.
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Blogger Mostly Ordinary said... 2:19 pm

I wonder if the TUC Press Office will be working late that day, or if TUC mouthpieces will be on the TV and Radon during the evening?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:21 pm

Might be worth a phone call...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:57 pm

Work my proper hours?
Bugger, I was hoping to slope off early.  

Blogger Fahrenheit said... 5:20 pm

Quite so Chris.

The sad thing is, when I heard about 'work your proper hours day' last year I genuinely thought it was a campaign against skiving off early.

Gotta love life in the public sector.


Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:59 pm

I hardly see the point of an embargo on a story like this, there is nothing sensational about it, it's hardly the coveted Honours List.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:23 pm

Chris, Fahrenheit - an easy mistake to make.

Ellee - I suppose it makes them feel big and important.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:09 am

Im having Friday off - bunch of cunts...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:14 am

Doubtless, but could you rein in the language a bit in future, please?  

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