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Tessa and Patsy would not approve

Or they do things differently in the States, part 512.

The LA Times reports that the Dodgers baseball stadium has devised an all you can eat / drink section of the stadium, hoiking the price from $10 to $40. That is a rather a lot of hot dogs, fizzy drinks etc. Given how awful most American beer is, that, mercifully is not included. Not that they sell it anyway.

Can't see that catching on with football etc over here, although maybe it would with cricket. If so, doubtless the two commissars in the title would railroad through legislation banning it, or else only allowing fruit, veg, tap water and maybe a little lukewarm tofu.

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Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 7:54 pm

tatleast thetyll have something to fiilll the time with  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:55 pm

Tofu - do you mind. I've just had some proper food!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:57 pm

I went to see Arsenal the other day in their new stadium.Its almost like going to the cinema. Years ago , I must admit , there was thrilling danger to the expeience

(Official complaint lodged by Mrs. N on Computer time ...must be brief)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:08 pm

I saw my lot play them at the Library years ago, and my lot won. Which was nice, apart from the fact I was in the home section....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:10 pm

The Americans have taken an Iranian consulate in Iraq and seized six members of the consular staff.

President Bush is stepping things up!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:13 pm

Interesting stuff - can't see it showing up anywhere on my usual news haunts.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:14 pm

Whoops: Here it is  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:28 pm

This comes just a couple of days after they went after al-qaeda in Somalia and took out the head man.

I like it.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:38 pm

Alledgedly they missed the head man according to Sky. Still I approve of all this effort. At last the clear thinking of acting to see it through rather than muddle.

See what the democrats can inspire?!

Re food, even amongst the slag tagged sisterhood and Wayne wobblies I think all you can eat at most of our sports stadiums would be unwelcome. The 'pasties' et al require tests with geiger counters in my view.

I never stray further than a small cup of bovril. They can't do that properly at Selhurst either C.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:05 pm

Yes, I think we're going to see some very determined action over the next few months. I've said it before ... Mr Bush is a poker player and he knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em. He never gives any indication of what he is going to do. I think this action of storming the Iranian consulate probably resulted from talks with Donald Rumsfeld (who is a babe and peace be upon him).

I'm glad Bush didn't do anything rash in Iran - yet. It would have looked too much like uncontrolled anger. Better cool clinical take-outs like this and Somalia.

I think over the next few weeks, expect more dramatic, successful and significant moves.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:08 pm

I'm hugely in favour of draining the swamp that is Somalia, as apart from anything else the unfortunate Somalis do not need those maniacs living out their Mad Max fantasies at their expense.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:16 pm

And they don't need to be claiming refugee status in Britain and murdering people on the streets and bringing in their own form of islamic law into our country.

I don't know why anyone gets "asylum seeker" status in Britain as they have been through around 20 safe countries to get to our country. If they come by air, quite an extravagant means of travel for a refugee, aren't the airlines required to check their papers and make sure they're valid, or be liable for costs?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:50 pm

and then letting them swamp the social services in birmingham,leicester and derby  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:51 pm

'I'm hugely in favour of draining the swamp that is Somalia'

meant to put this before prev comment  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:06 am

That is a bit harsh.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:23 am

but true.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:05 am

Damn' straight. I agree with execution, once found guilty. Justice should be swift. In fact, I like the word "immediate".

Now if they would just put Marmite into squeezable tubes, it would be cheaper to ship down from Houston. Two of those thunky jars cost around £30 to Fedex. This is mad. Why can't they do tubes for the export market?

I know it's off-topic, but I think we can all relate to the importance of Marmite and it is not imported into Mexico. So has to be shipped down by friends who are increasingly pissed off as FedEx is quite dear. The US postal service express delivery takes around 15 days, but is less than half the price. To everyone in Britain who sees Marmite on the shelves as a normal focus of life, there is a Marmite twilight zone down here in the lower third of N America.

I just wanted to make a statement.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:18 am

Presumably conventional post is just too unreliable? Since we are meandering, a dear friend now resident in Bogota is near inconsolable at the lack of availability of European cheese at anything short insane prices.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:30 am


Squeezy jars of Marmite are on sale in the UK. Suggest you use your lobbying skills to get them made availale in the US, or where you're living at present  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:28 pm

Verity raises an important point, as usual. Suggestion to UK friends, V: with spoon or blunt knife, decant Marmite into plastic bag; roll and seal aperture; jiffy-bag; post. Waste cheaper than posting glass jars.

We have 100% import duty on wine. Anyone know of UK purveyor of plastic bags-in-boxes or similar so wine of choice can be carried in luggage without undue weight?

p.s. halfway through that whisky.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:32 pm

You could always buy a wine box and remove the bag from the box, although I fear leakage is horribly likely.

Good work on the Scotch front by the way.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:36 pm

Bovril beats marmite
I bought a case of it when I heard they were taaking the beef out of it, now they have put the beef back and im stuck with several jars of out of daye bovril  

Blogger permanent expat said... 1:58 pm

Out of date Bovril/Marmite? Are you one of those folk who look for the best-before-date on packs of toilet-rolls?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:05 pm

A friend of mine had a catering size tin of marmite of very uncertain vintage, and it had matured rather well.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:24 pm

That's an original idea, Somchai, but, to be candid, I don't see my friends busily scraping Marmite into jars for me and getting it all over their fingers. It's bad enough that they have to mail/Fedex it to me.

Thanks for the information about the squeezy tubes, though. I know someone who imports Marmite into Houston - big Brit population there, as it's the oil capital of the world - and I'll give him a call.

How big are the tubes? If they're tiny, they will be a waste of money. Another problem, one cannot import food into Mexico - except if you're a commercial organisation like a supermarket. So it has to come from a NAFTA country, where it is not considered an import.

Gosh, Croydonian, a catering-sized tin! One can only dream ...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:45 pm

I think it held upwards of a gallon of the stuff.  

Blogger Hercules said... 7:27 pm

My local Baseball team have what is called "Thirsty Thursday" and you can buy that shit watered down American Beer for $1, I would have to be pissed to go and watch that shit in the first place, but hey it brings in swarms of red necks, with their confederate flag bandanas and “Deliverance” type mannerisms!!!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:46 pm

you are welcome to a jar of my bovril, out of date or not it still tastes great.
This stuff was designed to last 100 years, the sell by date fascism is nonsense.
If Its safe to eat a mammoth its safe to drink this Bovril.
Weather forecast for this sunday is below freezing, Ideal Bovril weather.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:45 pm

On my sojurn in the USA I went equipped with a litre sized plastic bucket of marmite. You can buy them in the UK in cash and carry markets.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:34 am

City Unslicker - Hmmm ... A litre ... what the hell is Marmite doing being measured in the Code Napoleon?

Out! Out! Out!

Out of the EU. Normal law returned, meaning terrorists get executed and for the months before they get their injection (administered, one trusts, with great vigour), they have to piss and crap in loos that face Mecca. (All the Mecca-esque loos having been removed, with violence, from British prisons to show respect for humans who had their lives stolen by islamic murderers.)

Blowing it our their arse towards mecca should enlighten them in our multicultural thoughts about allah and mecca.

Anyone catch the loonyboots professor on Egyptian TV - I think it's on Little Green Footballs - who claims that 'mecca time' should supersede GMT because mecca has this pure time - I am not joking - being the centre of the universe and all, and people in mecca have stronger blood because it is going around in the correct direction?

That basalt slab in mecca is the centre of the universe. If these people weren't so insane, they would have the potential to be hilarious comedy. "Basalty Towers!"

"Al salaam aleikum, aleikum salaam!" (A bit wordy, but "'Allo 'Allo"). "Oh, René ....!"  

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