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Just a quick one

Something from young Cameron we can all (?) agree on:

"Mr Cameron said: "Insulting Trevor [ Philips] by saying he should join the BNP isn't a serious contribution to debate. "It's a discreditable attempt by an ageing far left politician [Livingstone] to hang on to a narrative about race that sees people from ethnic minorities as potential agents of revolutionary change." He added that they should be seen as "full and equal citizens who would rather build a better life for themselves and their families than man the barricades at the behest of middle class white fantasists". (source).


Meanwhile, I expect the use of 'middle class' really riled Livingstone.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:54 am

Why does all this crap have to be "said"? Immigrants to every nation or tribe in the world have always done their best to fit in because they got the picture. Just as any new dog trying to get into a pack gets the picture.

Of course legal immigrants should want to fit in, and of course the onus is on them to do so. It is not the host society which has been begging for their presence.

This is down through the thousands of years that mankind has been mooching about on two feet. If I want to get into your tribe and share the warmth ("what do you call that thing that accords warmth to the cave and seems to be able to make meat laid over it smell delicious?,oh gracious host against whom I mean no harm?"

"We call it fire, backward person, and you are welcome to join us, as long as you understand that you here by our permission. Capisce?

"And, by the way, there is no god called Livingstone".  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:53 am

bloody brilliant retort by cameron.. nice blog by the way..  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 9:05 am

stephen glover in the DM writes about why he'd vote for brown over cameron.Don't really understand that but what I do know is that the bloke really winds me up (DC that is) and on trevor phillips,livingstone is not far from the money.DC as ever is fiddling while his membership desert him  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:09 am

Thanks Tejus. Hope to see you around in future.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:54 am

Red Ken on Radio Guardian this morning praising the Stock Exchange to the skies. (Yes, really!). So much so that even the interviewer, usually open-mouthed in the presence of liberals and Old Labour, expressed mild surprise. Orwell must be chuckling in the grave.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:17 pm

Pretty comical really. I guess if the LSE closed, moved etc, it would make rather a hole in London's tax base and make it harder for KL to inflict his escapades on the rest of us.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:49 pm

I agree, Rigger.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:54 pm

Well well good old David , now he`s talking my sort of language and I `m sorry Verity but it does need saying . You are of course quite right that it is measure of how far we have drifted into error that this is so  

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