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Michael Cashman - no friend of Armenia

One time soap opera actor and now MEP (representing our old friend Bob Piper, inter alia) Michael Cashman has a letter of staggering stupidity published in the Daily Telegraph today, in which he takes issue with his Socialist comrades in France. A report in the same paper on Tuesday noted 'A Socialist-backed proposal...would make it illegal in France to deny that the killings amounted to genocide by Turkey'.

Cashman refers to 'any such genocide'. It happened Mike, and don't just take my word for it, here is an extract from a telgram (15/9/6) from the Turkish Minister of the Interior Talaat Pasha to the governor of Aleppo:

"You have already been informed that the Government has decided to exterminate entirely all the Armenians living in Turkey. No-one opposed to this order can any longer hold an administrative position. Without pity for women, children and invalids, however tragic the methods of extermination may be, without heeding any scruples of conscience, their existence must be terminated".

Clear enough for you, or do you holiday in Turkey and are doing what you can to pander to your hosts?

Cashman gets sillier: "France should perhaps revisit its own colonial history before passing judgment on other states, be they candidates or full EU members".

Evidently Cashman does not feel constrained by the same principle when criticising France.

Meanwhile, noted French Armenians include Charles Aznavour, Alain Prost and one of my mates.
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Blogger The Hitch said... 11:18 am

He probably goes on holiday to turkey to get bummed by local youths , a lot of queers go there for that very reason.
Dont forget that there are some clowns seriously suggesting that climate change denial be made a crime.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:39 pm

Re the latter, you are having me on, aren't you?

(Sorry about the delayed response - Blogger has been acting up)  

Blogger Bob Piper said... 3:53 pm

...noted French Armenians include Charles Aznavour, Alain Prost and one of my mates.

What nationality is the other one?  

Blogger The Hitch said... 4:04 pm

A U.S. based environmental magazine that both former Vice President Al Gore and PBS newsman Bill Moyers (for his October 11th global warming edition of “Moyers on America” titled “Is God Green?”) have deemed respectable enough to grant one-on-one interviews to promote their projects, is now advocating Nuremberg-style war crimes trials for skeptics of human caused catastrophic global warming.

Grist Magazine’s staff writer David Roberts called for the Nuremberg-style trials for the “bastards” who were members of what he termed the global warming “denial industry.”

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:48 pm

Ha ha Bob. Tell it to a friend - if you have one.

Peter - I'm almost, if not quite speechless.  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 6:08 pm

"This legal proposal is immense progress for the Armenian cause and more generally for the cause of humanity," said communist member of parliament Frederic Dutoit, according to Le Monde.
After the vote, though, the French government stressed that it valued close ties with Turkey and said that it would continue to oppose the motion, which needs to be ratified by the upper house Senate. I suspect this law will never see the light of day.

Suffice to say I don't accept Ankara's position on the issue of the Armenian genocide.What irritates me most, though, is not the vitriolic (but predictable) reaction from both sides of the debate to this development. No, it is the swift reaction of the European Commission in strongly condemning the French parliament's vote that bothers me a whole lot. And confirms my worst suspicions about the EU and its "respect" for the sovereignty of national parliaments.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:16 pm

I think it is utterly shameful that the Turks won't 'fess up, but such laws are not something I approve of. I can see that the German Shoah denial law was well intentioned, but I think misjudged. It is already being reported that the Turks are proposing a law about denying French genocide in Algeria....

Thanks for that insight on the EU. Maybe the French will get riled up enough about this insult to their amour propre that they will get a tad more eurosceptic.

By the way, my mate Praguetory (Up to three now Bob. Jealous?) has posted about your new moniker: Welcome To Istanbultory  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 6:47 pm

They haven't the slightest intention of 'fessing up. Not now or ever. They are fully aware that an offical recognition of the genocide would facilitate claims for compensation and restitution of property rights from Armenia proper and the Armenian diaspora. They are desperate to avoid opening that particular pandora's box....

Thanks for the link to Praguetory. I am honoured that my existence has been noted by such an illustrious blogger.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:02 am

I notice that only 106 out of 577 "deputies" voted for. Isn't it a bad idea that less than a 5th of deputies can pass such a dubious law.

PS I knew about Azna - he was in Hyakistan (as I think it's called) the other day - but Prosty - fascinating. The Flying Armenien ou quelquechose.

Hlv. 13.10.6. 10:55  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:42 am

Not very impressive figures, are they Suttonien, mon brave?

Not sure quite how Armenian one has to be to be claimed for Hayastan as it were. L'Armenien volante, peut etre? A bit of sniffing around suggests that Prost is an Armenian surname though.  

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