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Labour unleashes its attack walrus on Cameron

In the form of the ever-odious, convicted criminal and failed politician Roy Hattersley.

He has this to say, inter alia, at The Guardian.

"This is, after all, the same David Cameron who masterminded the Tory's 2005 manifesto - a particularly unpleasant prospectus for government on which Michael Howard based a campaign with clear racist overtones and the obvious purpose of exploiting the politics of resentment, envy and fear".

Remember the 'Die Sturmer'-grade graphic attacks on Michael Howard? I do, Roy doesn't. Remember which party the Mayor of London represents and his history of comments that a reasonable person could interpret as anti-semitic? I do, Roy doesn't. Or remember that the entire history of socialism has class hatred embedded in its weft and warp? I do, Roy doesn't.

"If Cameron was only the nominal author of that document and allowed illiberal ideas with which he did not agree to be peddled in his name, he is too weak to be prime minister. If he actually believed in the Conservative appeal to the lowest common denominator of the British character, his claim to occupy the middle ground of politics is simply hypocritical"

A rather pathetic attempt by Hattersley to apply Morton's Fork. And so very unlike the Roy Hattersley who stood for Sparkbrook in 1983, with his party's manifesto calling for "abolition of the House of Lords, unilateral nuclear disarmament, withdrawal from the European Community, withdrawal from NATO and the most radical and extensive nationalisation agenda that Labour had ever stood on including nationalisation of industry and banks". (Source)

That sounds so like the manifesto the Labour Party has gone to the country with in the last five elections, doesn't it? But curiously enough Hattersley has some how morphed into 'Baron Hattersley of Sparkbrook in the county of West Midlands'. I think he might find the place is in Warwickshire. And what a very impressive record he has: in the last year he has not spoken in any debates, has not asked any written questions and has voted in 3% of all votes. He does not appear to have spoken in the Lords since 2002.(source)

And while I'm at it, this individual failed to stand up for freedom of speech over the Rushdie affair, and has written a book in the name of his dog, which rejoices in the name of Buster Hattersley. I'm sure Roy's parents must be delighted with the implication. I for one wish that Roy's father had upheld his vows as a Catholic priest.

Got the bit between my teeth now - in one of his books, I forget which, he refers to the American philosopher Robert Nozick as 'Nozeck'. So, which is it, 'Baron Hattersley of Sparkbrook in the county of West Midlands'?: Don't you check your facts, or won't you hire a proper proofreader? Meanwhile, over on ebay, there are a selection of his books that failed to reach reserves of fifty pence and £1.50.
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Blogger The Daily Pundit said... 9:27 am

Convicted criminal? Tell us more.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:41 am

He was fined £75 because his dog attacked a goose in one of the London parks. He pleaded self-defence, and is still disputing the conviction - via his wretched dog - at busterhattersley.com:

"I'm known as "the most famous dog in Britain" and I still don't quite understand it....All I did was defend myself against an overly aggressive royal goose near Buckingham Palace. Suddenly I was being hounded by the press. Then, after I put paw to paper to tell my side of the story, it became a big bestseller!...I hope you'll like my "heartwarming story of triumph over adversity." It follows my rise from strayhood to life with a famous journalist".

Reaching for the barf bag yet?  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 10:27 am

if Roy went round Sparkbrook now they'd do for him.what a shithole!!

whilst I have no time for cameron,I have to defend the 2005 manifesto which was a truly conservative message in my eyes.ok,our chief slaesman had the personality of a pint glass adn a reputation with the public that he did indeed have soemthing of the night about him.to call it racist is quite simply bollocks.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 10:49 am

We are all criminals,convicted or not.  

Blogger The Daily Pundit said... 4:54 pm

Sounds like he was up to no good with the goose and the dog got jealous.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:22 pm

The sole reference to Roy's emotional attachments I can find is this:

"I personally took the £10 donation from a lady who was with Roy Hattersley (who I presume was his wife)....So there you have it, she was none other than Roy Hattersley's wife/friend/whatever the [blank] you want to call her". From a Sheffield Wednesday website.

Mind you, if you were his significant other, you'd probably want to keep it quiet, wouldn't you?  

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