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Jenny Tonge

This woman has form, shall we say. She thinks 'suicide' bombings in Israel are justifiable, inter alia. However, now she can afford to offend anyone she likes as she is in the Lords, and has gone off on one:

"The pro-Israel lobby has a grip on the western media - a financial grip" - Baroness Tonge. (quote stolen from Guido)

So, this looks very much like the old 'the Jews control the media' canard in an arguably more subtle form. Restricting myself to the UK media for now, we can list some noted pro-Israel media organisations - The BBC, the Guardian group, the Independent group, Mirror group, Reuters. Desmond is the only Jewish proprietor of UK dailies that I can think of, as News Int, the Barclays, Associated and those listed above most certainly are not. And that's before we get on to the regional dailies and evening papers....

Still, 'Western media' is quite a broad term, isn't it? So, the French national press? Nope. The German press? Nope. Spain, Italy, the Low Countries, Scandinavia? Nope. The Japanese press? Nope. Australia - well, there's Murdoch's 'Australian', but the Fairfax papers are more significant there. Likewise the Globe & Mail in Canada vs the more 'sound' National Post. In the US there are only two truly national papers - the Journal and USA Today, both fairly pro-Israel.

So, there you have it - those wicked Yahudi do not exactly have a total lock on the Western media, but why let the facts stand in the way of a slur?
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:17 pm

Good post, Croydonian. But don't forget AP, with its fauxtography every bit as vile as Reuters.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 1:30 pm

hang on,what about CNN,besides Bloomberg and Al Beeb,the only truly worldwide news channel.Their coverage is hardly pro Israeli.

a tougher job,would eb to list the anti-aionist,where the list could be a lot longer.

jenny tongue is a fuckwit of the first order and a fine reason for never voting Lib Dem as has ever existed.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:45 pm

All very true.  

Blogger dearieme said... 2:10 pm

I saw an interview on the telly a few years ago, where a deluded British muslim woman complained about the press, including that of the Jew, Murdoch. The interviewer protested that Murdoch was a Scots-Australian, not a Jew, She wouldn't have it.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:40 pm

A quick google of 'murdoch jewish' brings up all sorts of tin foil hat stuff, all of which can apparently be traced back to David Irving. Not that Irving has an axe to grind, nooo....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:03 pm

Dearieme wrote: "The interviewer protested that Murdoch was a Scots-Australian, not a Jew,"

You can't be a Scots-Australian Jew? I suspect a lot of Australian Jews didn't know that.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 3:21 pm

Murdochs mum was a jew
makes him one  

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