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Cherie Booth in blagging shocker....

The Guardian has an interview with Cliff Richard.. Not really my cup of tea musically, but Iain Dale is a fan, so out of blogger solidarity I'll avoid critiquing Cliff's oueuvre .

Anyway, here's the interesting bit:

How, I wonder, did Cliff and the Blairs get to know each other? "Cherie came to one of my concerts. We got a request for some tickets then we had a meal and a couple of times later Tony was able to join us. Our relationship has not bloomed into a close friendship yet. I wouldn't think of calling Tony up."

I've seen estimates of La Booth's annual wedge from QC-ing as being anywhere between half and a full unit (as American millionaires call them), and Tony doesn't exactly have to dig down the back of the couch when he needs to fund a night on the town. The least uncharitable interpretation is that the pair of them were queue jumping rather than dealing with the likes of Ticketmaster like the rest of we proles, but given the tales we've all heard about the gruesome pair's love of freeloading it seems reasonable to see it as cheapskatery.

A mate of mine (and occasional reader...) sat near Cliff at Wimbledon one year and reckoned Cliff didn't exactly smell April-fresh.....


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Blogger The Hitch said... 3:57 pm

A cousin of my most significant ex once played support to Sir Cliff and he most certainly is a ****,a young friend was in attendance throughout the whole tour. no suprise there.
Would you lend your house to people that were not friends or ask a stranger if you could borrow their house?
Scumbags the pair of them.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 3:59 pm

I know I comment here a lot William , but if I didnt you would be all alone and would probably have to get on with some work (+:  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:24 pm

Peter - comment as much as you like.

There's normally more folk around, but a couple of the regulars seem to have gone AWOL. Either I'm being boring or they've found better things to do with their time.....  

Blogger D. C. Warmington said... 4:46 pm

Mr H, I didn't know he was a ****. I had my suspicions that he might be ***** or even a ******, but a ****? Never! In protest shall no longer play his CDs. (I use them in my loft to frighten away the mice, but must now switch to Engelbert Humperdinck.)  

Blogger The Hitch said... 5:04 pm

Mr Fuller ,he is as **** as a row of *****
as **** as a **** bob ****
Mr Croydonian , chances they are on holiday.  

Blogger The Daily Pundit said... 5:16 pm

Cliff Richard stinks. What's the technical word for that, when something means something twice?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:50 pm

Looks like Cliffie isn't very popular in these parts.....

Peter - maybe they are. No blog is complete without Phonecam Foolery sticking his oar in from time to time, and he seems to have vanished off the face of the earth.  

Blogger D. C. Warmington said... 7:24 pm

Phone Cam imploded on Lord Cranmer's blog the other day. Massive racist rant about Darkest Africa (his usual stuff but raised to power of n). I think he short-circuited: there was a distinct whiff of burnt insulation around his final comment.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:32 pm

He was a little brusque with His Grace, wasn't he?  

Blogger The Hitch said... 8:47 pm

I can't comment for Mr Phonecam, however, I do understand why somebody may occasionally spontaneously combust due to his Graces pedantry and condescension (+:
A small price to pay for the pleasure of reading his excellent communications from the other side.  

Blogger Archbishop Cranmer said... 9:25 pm

His Grace is neither condescending nor pedantic. He merely appears to be to the unintelligent in inerudite.

Mr Phone Cam is not missed at all. And His Grace has informed Mr Dale that he has dined/drunk/socialised/concerted with Sir Cliff - a man of immense talent and proven longevity. They do, of course, share something quite profound and irreplaceable.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:50 am

His Grace's blog is a rare gem, and is much appreciated by those who care for depth rather than flash and filigree.  

Blogger D. C. Warmington said... 10:13 am

Dear Mr Hitchens

You say: "I can't comment for Mr Phonecam, however, I do understand why somebody may occasionally spontaneously combust due to his Graces pedantry and condescension."

If either pedantry or condescension is required, or indeed patronizing correction of any human faults beyond the orthographical or syntactical, may I aver that I, rather than His Grace, am your man?

Indeed, I enjoyed a robust exchange with Mr Foolery before his synapses melted in a flurry of bigotry.

Overlooking the supererogatory comma you inserted after the word "however",

I am, sir, and have every intention of remaining,

Yours truly

A. de T.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:17 am

Perhaps we have the makings of an irregular verb:

I value accuracy
You are a detail merchant
He is a pedant.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:01 pm

Who cares? Let's get back to the point - hatred of the greedy Blairs.

They got free tickets to his concerts. Free meals (and, whoah! - Cherie can pack that free grub away!), free accommodation in his estate in Barbados, and Cliff says he doesn't consider himself as having the status of friend? "Our relationship has not bloomed into a close friendship yet. I wouldn't think of calling Tony up."

Yet they borrow his house?

They must be very regal indeed to accept all this hospitality for their large family of adults with big appetites yet feel no need to reciprocate.

Ah well, Cliff is probably on their Christmas card list. A free photo of the Freeload Family. (In Cherie's case, the Wideload.)

Answer me this, why would a pop star who has been successful for 40 years (I couldn't care less about his private life) and who is immeasurably richer than they are feel obliged to vacate his home to cater to a tribe of rather dim people who fantasized themselves royalty? Why didn't he just say, "Sorry, a guest clipped his toenails in the pool and I'm having it drained. Try the guest house down the road."

I want to make one other point that has not been made in the past nine years with sufficient strength: What kind of a family is it that brings their children up with NO PETS? Does that indicate savage selfishness, or what?  

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