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The Last Post - ish

As those of you who know me on Facebook and bother fighting through the endless screeds of solipsisms from the average Facebook-ista to find anything noteworthy will already know, I am moving house today.

As I will be leaving Croydon - and no, I am not going to start slagging it off once I'm out of here - it strikes me as being a bit wrong to carry on blogging as Croydonian.  So, I have already taken the liberty of land grabbing a suitable geographic indicator.  Anyway, should I use the new name or carry on with the old one?

Over to you.


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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 10:24 am

As someone who has changed blog addresses more than once I would say that unless you have some pressing desire to, why bother? You don't often write about Croydon itself and there will (most likely) be part of you which remains forever Croydon.

Good luck with the house move!  

Blogger JuliaM said... 10:30 am

I suppose that depends on what the new geographical location is. It might not lend itself to a very flattering nom de blog... ;)

Good luck with the move, both real and virtual!  

Blogger marksany said... 10:45 am

Good luck with the move. I'd keep the moniker.

You can take the boy out off Croydon, but you can't take Croydon out of the boy.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:06 am

I guess it's where you most identify with.

I was born in Scotland and divide my time between home in the Lake District and a second home that's also in England.

But as I'm happiest in the Lakes, that's where my nom de blog comes from.

Good luck with the move!  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 11:51 am

wot Marksany said, on both counts

in any case, where are you going that would sound any better ?

Barking ?
Havering ?
Staines ?
Ham ?
Tooting ?  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 12:38 pm

It's a bit like where you went to school. You may never set foot there again but it stamps you:

Croydonian for ever.  

Blogger Mark Wadsworth said... 1:38 pm

Best of luck with the move; keep the name/blog address.

Don't forget you can change the name of the blog without changing the address (like what CityUnslicker did).  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 2:07 pm

The Bermondsonian?
The Peckhamite?
The Tattenham Cornerist?
The Whyteleafer?  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 2:10 pm

Or if you wanted to change the name format slightly:

Sutton and Gomorrah
Chipstead with Everything
Shirley Valentine
Carshalton Beaches  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:16 pm

Looks like the jury's in and Croydonian I will remain. Without wanting to spoil the fun I've langrabbed 'Chiswickite,  

Anonymous Tom Paine said... 2:39 pm

Your "brand" is far too developed to change. You are doing the right thing by keeping it.  

Anonymous Frank said... 5:18 pm

I agree; stay with Croydonian.  

Blogger All Seeing Eye said... 3:41 am

Good choice sticking as you are Mr C - and hopefully the house move goes smoothly too. All the best...  

Blogger Unsworth said... 9:16 pm


Some sort of ailment? Possibly needing a poultice on the affected area, or a steam inhalation?

Stay as you are - 'Croydonian' is redolent.

Happy New Year!  

Blogger James Higham said... 11:47 am

You'll always be The Croydonian. You represent, not just a geographical area but a way of thinking about that.  

Blogger ladythinker said... 9:30 am

Stay Croydonian. Please.

I was born in Croydon, SURREY (not a suburb of London) - I've lived 25 years in Gloucestershire and now 10 years in Devon but I'm still a Croydon gal at heart and proud of it.

If you decide to give up the Title let me know so that I can have first refusal - please.  

Blogger Tiresias said... 8:58 am

Living near the business end of the Great West Road myself, I am sure you will settle down happily.

The recently reprinted 'Craven House' by Patrick Hamilton gives a good flavour of what your new stamping ground was like a century ago.  

Blogger SimonC said... 2:04 pm

Croydon may be the 10th Plane of Hell but it would confuse me if you changed - and you might go somewhere good like Horsham that I can't slag off.  

Blogger All Seeing Eye said... 2:10 pm

Why can't you slag off Horsham, SimonC? I have no such problem.

On the one occasion I went there I found the ladies most unfriendly, and I contend that the fault most certainly lay with all Horsham women and not in the slightest with me.  

Anonymous puzzled of nether wallop said... 4:21 pm

I'm thinking of changing my blogname to nuzzled of pether wallop.

Has a certain cachet, don't you think?  

Anonymous G Hoon & P Hewitt said... 12:25 pm

Naa, change it to the Chizzikite, or Cheesewickite for e'ymologists.

Is it Tory Terri-tory? Will check it out.

Bonne chance, mon vieux.

From Sutton and Gomorrah.  

Anonymous Harriet Hardrada. said... 12:27 pm

That's G Hoon & his amplifier.

The Milliband brothers for joint PM.  

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