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Today's UN follies

Hot air has been rising:

"No longer satisfied with a power balance that favoured the few but risked imperilling the many in another economic tailspin, world leaders addressing the General Assembly today appealed for a new brand of multilateralism that reflected developing nations’ concerns in global decision-making, as they wrapped up the annual general debate".

And in particular, from Nicaragua's foreign minister, who came up with this possibly drug induced comment:

"...although his country had been impoverished by historical circumstances like so many others within Latin America and the Caribbean, it had remained a land of beauty and natural resources and, indeed, was symbolic of reconciliation and national and international unity".


And a suitably Sandinista like take on everything, the kitchen sink, plug, and draining rack included :

On regional issues, he said Nicaragua embraced the cause of Puerto Rico’s independence, as well as the return of the Malvinas Islands to their rightful owner.  Moving on to the issues of the economy, he mentioned that unfortunately the global financial crisis came upon the heels of decreased official development assistance (ODA), which was still made conditional by international financial institutions.  There was reluctance by developed countries to replace the present model with one that was more just.

He said economic policies should be decided within the most representative institution, not within groups such as the Group of Eight and G-20, which were “promoters of the model of domination by the few over the majority, a model which is characterized by exclusion”.  In addition, it was not possible to put a kind face on perversion, or on arrogance;  that was the essence of the prevailing economic system, which promoted “the exploitation of one human by another, the subjugation of nations, the hoarding of wealth by the few.  This is why we are in the crisis, not due to lack of resources.”

Mark me down as a pervert then - I'm all in favour of economic acts between consenting parties.

Moving swiftly on, what about this for a novel form for expressing disapproval:

Antonio Pedro Monteiro Lima ( Cape Verde) expressed “unequivocal disdain” for the violence in neighbouring Guinea 

Attaboy Antonio.

Sounds to me like he's touting for business here :

"Continuing, he said organized crime was becoming a problem in Cape Verde, which was “fertile ground” for the spread of such activity because it was an emerging democracy with a fragile economy.  His country was unable to deal with the problem alone, and he called for a deploying of joint capabilities.  Cape Verde would not allow itself to be poor and unstable and the key would be to diversify partnerships, and use multilateralism to combat challenges".


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Blogger All Seeing Eye said... 4:01 pm

I followed the link at the top of the post and bitterly, bitterly regretted it.

My brain now requires rebooting with alcohol. Mr C, your public owes you a debt of gratitude for delving where others have more sense than to tread.

The only value for money we get from the UN is the unintentional self-parody and the satire of others.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:13 pm

I'm tempted to apologise, but to adapt W.C Fields, 'A blogger drove me to drink and I didn't even have the decency to thank him'.....

It is a mad house, that much is quite clear.  

Blogger Mac the Knife said... 9:42 pm

Is there any hope that the Dear Reader might come to show them that Songun will be their salvation? *concerned look*  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:57 pm

Mac - Too late, alas, the debate has wrapped up. I think that KJI let the side down by not giving the UN bods a crash course in all things Juche & Songun.

Sounds like a comedy duo, doesn't it?  

Blogger Mac the Knife said... 12:56 pm

"Sounds like a comedy duo, doesn't it?"

Certainly brings a smile to my face... *Boom-tish*  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:59 pm

I suppose I ought to caveat that we are lucky that we can snigger at KJI rather than suffer his misrule.

Anyway, Babylon will fall, because it always does and the Koreans of the North will prove just as able as those of the South  

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