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Your opportunity to influence a 'referendum'

And you won't have to anything out of the ordinary:

"The New South Wales Government has backed calls for Earth Hour to be viewed as a referendum on greenhouse gas cuts and be taken into account at an international climate change summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, this year...WWF Australia, which started Earth Hour...believes up to 1 billion people will turn off lights for an hour on March 28 to show their support for action against climate change".

1 billion, eh? "According to a Zogby International online survey 36 million people participated in Earth Hour 2008, with an estimated 50 million doing the same around the world".

One's responsibilities are clear....

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 3:45 pm

Is there a particular time set for the switch off? It's just that I reckon my lights are off for several hours in each twenty-four. Is that counted somehow?

I already use pitiful amounts of leccy because I am tight-fisted. How do the ecoists account for that?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:55 pm

8.30 PM on a Saturday, so lots of offices and shops will be joining in too...  

Anonymous Geoff said... 3:59 pm

As I live just down the road from a lighthouse in a very busy narrow shipping lane, should I let them know about this?

Just like that irritating supermarket advert...every little helps.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:16 pm

Indeed. Doubtless fridges, data centres, life support systems etc would all benefit from use of the off switch too.  

Anonymous Serf said... 9:58 am

Gordon Brown is firmly behind this initiative. By the time he has finished he will have turned off all the lights in Blighty  

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