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...and at number 57, Caroline Flint

Spanish daily 20 Minutos, a sort of Metro equivalent, is conducting a poll on the world's most beautiful female politicians. Curious how it is so rare for the gents to be ranked in the same way, but enough with the boilerplate demonstration of how I am above with this nonsense and on with the fun.

The list is lead by Peruvian Luciana Leon, admittedly not lacking in pulchritide, but less than a household name away from Lima where she is a leftie congress member. She would also appear to be benefiting from studio lighting and so forth in the photo proffered for judgment, whereas a google images search removes that advantage.

The first person I have heard of is Ukrainian president Yulia Tymoshenko (#9), who while ideologically sound does go in for a mediaeval hair do.

Scrolling through sundry Latins etc I have never heard of, one gets to Sarah Palin at #32, Hillary Clinton at #44, Ségolène Royal at #45, and at #57 speaking for England the United Kingdom, our very own Caroline Flint, in what is frankly a shockingly bad photo.

Not being a habituee of the websites of Spanish freesheets, I only discovered this because China Daily seems rather pleased that foreign ministry spokewoman Jiang Yu is in the running.

Anyway, voting is still open. I could not be bothered.


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Blogger Tiresias said... 12:25 pm

There is a latish Auberon Waugh diary, cartoon by Rushton, in which the old goat fantasises about Selina Scott posing "preferably topless" on coins of the realm.

It set me to thinking that the political "cheeky girls" Joan Maynard and Audrey Wise were also in their hay day then.

Sorry, not on a lunchtime.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:35 pm

John Junor had a bit of a thing for La Scott too, didn't he?

Re Bron Waugh, many, many years ago he did a signing at Brian Micklethwaites's sadly missed Market Bookshop in Covent Garden, and he signed 'A Turbulent Decade' thus - 'from a grateful author'. Nice touch.  

Blogger John M Ward said... 12:59 pm

Although Jiang Yu might be getting on a bit, and I admit that this whole business isn't exactly one of my strong subjects, I am still a little surprised that Hillary Clinton was rated higher, even by a small margin.

From comments I read on the Question Time LiveChat yesterday evening, I'd also have thought that Sarah Palin would have been higher up the chart…  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:31 pm

Did Jackie Smith get a mention?

No..I thought not....  

Blogger Bill Quango MP said... 11:02 pm

Caroline Flint is attractive only in a dogging kind of way.
As in, you would be expecting a pretty rough 50+ year old heavyweight to appear from the back of a volvo.. and you'd be right.  

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