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Freedom and the internet - panel discussion

Fringe event of the day - probably - yesterday, a panel discussion featuring Guido, Nadine Dorries, Dizzy Thinks and Devil's Kitchen. An individual known not to be a fan of three of those people nor of the chairman of the discussion disappointed many by not turning up to heckle....

As with any of these write ups I do, unless I use quotes I am giving the overall gist of what was said rather than there being any pretence that is verbatim.

Qn to ND - is yours a real blog given that you don't accept comments? Why don't you take comments?

ND - As a full-time MP, I wanted to find a way to speak to my constituents, and -so to speak - take them to Westminster. That was the entire reason, and I think of my blog as more of an online diary

ND then went on to outline the less than friendly comments she was receiving at one point, threats to her and family culminating in receiving an 'I am watching you' text on her phone will alone in a post midnight station car park. She suggested that she might allow comments after the abortion furore has died down.

DK noted that it is very much a case of 'her blog, her choice', but felt that as a minimum some form of contact should be possible. ND commented that there is an e-mail address on the site. DK reads all his comments and allows all of them through, including spam as they can be funny, plus one of his readers might want to buy a printer.

GF was asked whether he modded comments, and said that he is 'very liberal with the deletion button', removing the gratuitously gynaecological, racist rants and BNP comments. To much amusement he said that Polly Toynbee and Suzanne Moore are under the impression he writes his own comments.

Qn - will Derek Draper's attempt to rebut blog claims etc work?

DT - 'Draper's thing is b*llocks'. The panel in general was sceptical about the prospects for the rebuttal unit. DT argued that it was fine to delete troll comments, and noted that there had been a major upsurge in anonymous comments of late
DK - Overtly party political blogs tend to the dull, and the more popular blogs lean one way but are not too nakedly partisan. Generally.

Asked opinions on the Conservative party at one point de-linking from blogs, ND defended it on the grounds of party nervousness. DK noted that if the serious parties were to engage more it would show a more human side, and noted that the David Davis affair illustrated the same point. Guido noted there were no votes in it,while ND suggested that bloggers over-estimate their importance, given the small readership for virtually all of thenm.

More later, if anyone is interested.

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Blogger Devil's Kitchen said... 9:21 pm

A quick correction, Croydo: it was Dizzy who said he let spam past, not me. I wouldn't want to steal his humour...


Blogger Croydonian said... 10:27 pm

So much for my note taking.. Sorry about your travails yesterday.  

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