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Stand by for a new ice age

Yup, it is the 1970s redux:

"Temperatures on Earth have stabilized in the past decade, and the planet should brace itself for a new Ice Age rather than global warming, a Russian scientist said in an interview with RIA Novosti Tuesday. "Russian and foreign research data confirm that global temperatures in 2007 were practically similar to those in 2006, and, in general, identical to 1998-2006 temperatures, which, basically, means that the Earth passed the peak of global warming in 1998-2005," said Khabibullo Abdusamatov, head of a space research lab at the Pulkovo observatory in St. Petersburg".

Good job a certain lobby started referring to climate change rather than global warming a while back, eh?

And there's more:

"By 2041, solar activity will reach its minimum according to a 200-year cycle, and a deep cooling period will hit the Earth approximately in 2055-2060. It will last for about 45-65 years, the scientist added. "By the mid-21st century the planet will face another Little Ice Age, similar to the Maunder Minimum, because the amount of solar radiation hitting the Earth has been constantly decreasing since the 1990s and will reach its minimum approximately in 2041," he said".

Should I still be around by 2041, when I would be a sprightly (?) 75, much will be the pleasure from moaning about the cold to anyone in earshot.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of a mammoth, that readers might prepare themselves:

And as Joy Division put it, " We'll live in holes and disused shafts, Hopes for little more".

Postscript time - The World Winter Cities Association for Mayors is sticking to the global warming hypothesis and in the Nuuk Declaration 2008, "acknowledge their responsibility to lead the world and co-operate by sharing knowledge and establishing initiatives in the struggle to limit global warming".

An odd group, the WWCAM. I do not think anyone would dispute that Nuuk, Anchorage and Magadan are quite remarkably cold, but what in tarnation is Kaunas doing being a member?

This is what it is like in Nuuk: "Nuuk has a moderate polar climate with a yearly average temperature of −1 °C (30 °F). 18 °C (64 °F) is exceeded on average only once per year, with 24.2 °C (76 °F) being the highest recorded temperature and −29.5 °C (−21 °F) being the lowest". Whereas it is a positively balmy 1°C/ 34 °F in Kaunas today. Given how he loves a junket, and how it snows here from time to time, why is Livingstone not at the bunfight, eh?

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Blogger Mark M Heenan said... 12:46 pm

"a deep cooling period will hit the Earth approximately in 2055-2060. It will last for about 45-65 years"

Anyone else think this is a Russian scientist simply teling us that if we don't want to freeze the thing to do is burn lots of Russian oil and gas?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:56 pm

Well then, perhaps we had better start saving our forests to use as firewood.

In 2041 I'll be 99, so I had better get started on knitting my blankets.  

Blogger Ed said... 4:14 pm

I like it hot.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:37 pm

Temperate does me fine, although I prefer sub-zero to 30 degrees plus.  

Blogger Clunking Fist said... 7:33 pm

Heh, heh! We are approaching The Clash of the Alarmists: the Warmers v the Coolers.
One side are hot-headed watermelons, the other comprised of cool-headed scientists.  

Blogger Newmania said... 10:48 pm

This has been noticed for a while hasn`t it ? The earth is not playing ball and not ..actually getting any hotter. It was a bit lax that way until the 70s actually despite the huge increase in ...whatever it is .
Still 99% of Environmental scientists have decided that their jobs are not a waste of time so it appears self preservation operates even at cool temperatures.  

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